Live Blog6 #GazaUnderAttack

Continuous feed of updates from Gaza Wednesday 21th November 2012.
All reports in Local Gaza Time, Latest reports at the top of the page.

Harry Fear’s Live U stream:

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Approx 23:21
San’aa “A ceasefire has held since 9PM Gaza time, I must admit I was very skeptical but now I understand that our battle is far from over. For all those who’ve supported our blog and our live updates, thank you for helping us fight this information war. Thank you for wanting to hear the REAL stories in Gaza and thank you for caring. The Gazan people need us today and they will need us tomorrow and we must always be there to answer their calls. We must help them in any way they need our assistance and we must learn strength from them. In solidarity always, the team..”

Approx 20:29
Israeli drone strike and artillery bombardment reported in Rafah.

Approx 20:23
Airstrike reported in central Gaza

Approx 20:19
2 massive explosions heard from north of  Gaza City

Approx 20:15
1 injured after Israeli airstrike targeted a group of people east of Rafah City

Approx 20:06
Israeli artillery bombardment north of Beit Hanoun town , north of  the Gaza strip

Approx 19:57
Nadeer Abu Mogheseeb,14 ,pronounced dead,1 wounded after an Israeli airstrike targeted them in Nusairat in central Gaza

Approx 19:48
Rafah was just hit by airstrikes

Approx 19:45
Israeli airstrike near Salah Al deen st. in central Gaza Strip

Approx 19:36
Renewed Israeli airstrikes in areas north of Gaza City.

Approx 19:34
Kid, aged 4, named Reham Al-Nabaheen was murdered in Israeli airstrike, her mom got injured

Approx 19:32
Truce to begin at 9pm local time says Egyptian FM Mohammed Kamel

Approx 19:26
Mother house was targeted by Israeli drone missile. The second in 10min north of  the Gaza strip.

Approx 19:22
Israeli airstrike reported in Karama area, north-west of Gaza city

Approx 19:20
Israeli drones airstrikes reported south of  Rafa city south of Gaza city

Approx 19:14
Huge explosion in Gaza City

Approx 19:13
Israeli airstrike reported in Ghoul area central Gaza

Approx 19:03
death toll from Mughraqa airstrike raised to 5 so far. search of the destroyed house continue..

Approx 18:57
Death toll in Rafah risen to 2, 4 injuries.

Approx 18:56
momentary calm in Gaza City

Approx 18:43
1 Palestinian pronounced dead after Israeli airstrike in south of the Gaza Strip.

Approx 18:33
Israeli drone strike in Rafah.

Approx 18:29
Massive Israeli airstrikes in Northern areas of Gaza.

Approx 18:27
A huge attack just hit north Gaza City

Approx 18:27
Renewed Israeli artillery bombardment targeting north-east areas of the Gaza Strip

Approx 18:17
One of Civil Defense (Firefighters) men killed after Israeli airstrike hit a house for 2nd time while they were searching it

Approx 18:06
Massive Israeli airstrike in Gaza City.

Approx 18:04
2 injured in Sudaiyna north-west of Gaza after the on-going Israeli navy bombardment of the coast.

Approx 17:55
Ibrahim Moheseen (20) pronounced dead after Israeli airstrike targeted a group of people in Tal Az’zattar north of Gaza

Approx 17:54
2 Palestinians killed in Mughaqa central of Gaza city. Civil Defense still working to search under rubble of the targeted house

Approx 17:02
Continous bombardment of Northern Gaza and coastline areas.

Approx 16:58
Riham Nabahee, 2, pronounced dead after Israeli airstrike targeted her family house area in central Gaza

Approx 16:01
Israeli bombardment on North of Gaza city

Approx 15:27
Two year old Abdul Rahman Na’eem was just killed in Gaza.

Approx 15:06
New strikes in Gaza City

Approx 14:49
Talal Al Asali and his daughter Abeer Al Asali and his son Ayman Al Asali killed in northern Gaza minutes ag

Approx 14:44
One killed in Nuseirat camp attack moments ago. Rafah tunnel area was also hit.

Approx 14:21
One woman and two kids from Asali family killed in Beit Hanoun northern

Approx 14:37
Renewed strikes on Gaza – Reports on injuries

Approx 14:29
Renewed strikes on Gaza – Reports on injuries

Approx 14:13
Mid Gaza was just hit moments ago

Approx 13:57
Masoud street east of Jabaliya north of the strip was struck moments ago

Approx 13:56
East Jabaliya was just hit

Approx 13:53
A Libyan delegation just arrived to Al Shifa hospital. East Gaza was hit moments ago.

Approx 13:45
From Khuzundar attack in northern gaza, 22 year old Mohammad Adnan Ashqar was killed

Approx 13:37
Municipal office near the soccer field has been completely destroyed. A boy and a young man were both injured due to soccer fields bombing. A bomb dropped in Mashahra street in east Gaza and it has NOT yet exploded, stay away folks.

Approx 13:31
Empty land was hit in Qarara in Khan Younis no injuries

Approx 13:26
A soccer field was hit in Gaza city. One of the airstrikes hit Al-Yarmouk playground and martyrs reported.

Approx 13:23
North Gaza is being hit right now

Approx 13:23
Four explosions right now heard in Gaza

Approx 13:21
At least two people were killed in this bus attack in Tel Aviv according to Israeli media

Approx 13:17
Hamas: Tel Aviv bus attack is only a natural reaction to what Israel has been doing to the people of Gaza.
Attacks in Northern Gaza

Approx 13:12
Series of attacks across the strip

Approx 13:08
UNCONFIRMED – A Woman was responsible for the bus attack in Tel Aviv

Approx 13:07
People across the Gaza strip leave their homes and celebrate in the streets, sounds of shots is being heard

Approx 13:06
Amira Abu Nasr, 21 and Ibrahim Abu Nasr 70, both die after Absar Area in Khan Younis was hit

Approx 12:59
A heightened state of alert has been declared at the Kirya base in Tel Aviv following the bus incident.

Approx 12:58
One killed due to bombing in Khuzundar area north of Gaza number of injuries

Approx 12:41
It was not a suicide attack; the explosive-planter is unaccounted for and was a woman.

Approx 12:27
Israeli tanks firing at Khan Younis

Approx 12:13
Hundreds of injured, inc. 3 critically injured. Bus targeted in a main Tel Aviv St.

Approx 12:12
Confirmed: Suicide Attack in Tel Aviv injures scores – explosive belt used

Approx 12:08
Reports of a bomb going off in Tel Aviv

Approx 11:43
Mosque reported targeted in Al-Bureiji

Approx 11:22
Issam Al-Dalis house destroyed now in F16 airstrike in Al-Nusirat

Approx 11:20
Explosions in Al Nusairat

Approx 01:04
Huge explosion in Gaza city.

Approx 01:00
3 injuries were a result of the bombing of the police station in Khan Younis

Approx 00:50
Police station was shelled in Khan Younis

Approx 00:49
Two explosions heard in Khan Younis, ambulances are on their way

Approx 00:46
East Khan Younis – Explosives were thrown from warplanes

Approx 00:30
Israeli bombardment reported in northern areas of Gaza.

Approx 00:21
Airstrike hit Al-Nusirat now

Approx 00:10
Harry Fear “Never forget, nor forgive: Israel killed a 42yo civilian friend of mine today, a father of 7. His funeral was heartbreaking”

Approx 00:05
Another huge explosion hit Gaza.


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