San’aa Sultan is an aspiring medic, radio presenter and young poet.

“After the attack on the Freedom Flotilla by the Israeli Offence Force on the 31st May 2010 I realised that as long as good people remain silent those who intend to create negativity in the world will prevail. That is not something I can stand by and watch. I believe that every person has a right to freedom, equality and justice and I hope that through my poetry I can give a voice to those without one. We are all one and the same.”


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  1. Just messaging to show my respect and support for you! I saw you at the DMU peace event.. You’re very talented masha’Allah, keep up the amazing work! May Allah swt help you every step of the way. Ameen.
    Lots of love and duas xxxx

  2. Salam sister, I feel humbled by your work, keep up the good work, I make dua for you, this is a long struggle, we shall prevail, inshAllah :) x

  3. As an Arab, the revolutions and the injustices that I see with my own eyes in the news are things I cannot bare anymore. I’m amazed by the amount of people dying in the name of “power” by their own presidents.
    Thank you. I assure you that every arab facing injustice will thank you for your wonderful words. :)
    I’m glad to have encountered your blog.
    Take a look at mine and tell me what you think !


  5. Peace to you and your families. Well done on this . Congratulations. God willing when my documentary on gaza is completed you cab attach a link. Marketing is going to make this documentary viral. Keep up the great work and others please get involved or start your own campaign

  6. Hi the work here is really impressive. I am the Kingston University Palestine Society and I was wondering whether you would like to come and read some poetry? Our next event is this Thursday. Please let me know.

  7. Salam
    I have a question.

    Is it true that if someone brings negativity to one, one should always greet with positivity, just as if someone brings one positivity one should always greet by adding with positivity?

  8. Dear sister. Thanks for the support of palestine and kashmir for their birth right. I see ist time in my life a kashmiri girl having such a passion. I wish u encourage more girls of kmr for the same . Thanks again . One day kashmir will be free.

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