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Following the ceasefire in Gaza the urgent medical situation must be addressed.
Interpal have set up an emergency appeal and will be sending a Convoy to Gaza in the first week of December to provide the Gazans with much needed aid and resources. Please answer their call today.

Find out more via: http://www.interpal.org/
Donate here: https://don8now.co.uk/donate/donate.aspx
#Aid4Gaza DONATE: +44(0) 208 961 9993 @InterpalUK

Ibrahim Hewwit: #Aid4Gaza Message
Tonight you have an opportunity to rebuild¬†#Gaza, to make hospitals operate via generators, diesel fuel, that helps people in intensive care, that keeps them alive. What did you do for Gaza? I bought some diesel . That doesn’t sound very¬†glamorous¬† but it’s very important. Donate and others will be inspired by your sincerity. Your sincerity will change lives. Often we refer to¬†Palestinians¬†as just statistics on news. People in Tel Aviv are living in fear of rockets while people in Gaza live in death.¬† More than 150 civilians lost their lives in Gaza but death is very big part of¬†Gaza.¬†¬†Remember¬†Gaza is part of Palestine. We have to look after it. Brother and sisters of¬†Palestine¬†are under threat, under¬†occupation¬†and we have the¬†opportunity¬†to help them.¬† At the moment the focus is on Gaza¬†because¬†of what¬†happened¬†in the last eight days – bombing in hospitals – Jordanian¬†field¬†hospital was hit – six cemetaries, body parts, bones have been scattered around because bones have been hit. Mosques have been damaged. All these things – all this¬†infrastructure¬†.. we ned to rebuild, so get on the phone and donate.
The following is all transcribed via Islam Channels live feed to Gaza.Interviewer: “We are live at¬†Al Shifa hospital¬†which¬†received over 1200 injuries. People are celebrating because¬†Israel has accepted¬†¬†the¬†conditions of¬†¬†the¬†resistance here. They came to¬†the¬†hospital because¬†it¬†was the scene¬†of the¬†massacre that¬†the IDF¬†¬†committed.¬†This¬†hopital has become a symbol of ressistance.”
“After¬†8 daysof attack, 100’s killed, 100’s injured.¬†Tell us what was most difficult about this situation.”
Dr Hassan director of Al Shifa hospital: ¬†“We paid a very big price.¬†The price of¬†the¬†blood¬†of our¬†children,¬†liberty,¬†institutions¬†and¬†houses.¬†We paid¬†with¬†162 martyrs of¬†whom¬†42¬†were¬†children 14¬†were¬†women¬†10200¬†injured people,¬†with all sorts of injuries. 160 elderly¬†people have been¬†injured.¬†All¬†¬†of¬†this suffering¬†took place¬†under mad¬†Isreali bombardment¬†for eight days.¬†We¬†paid a¬†very big price.
Interviewer: “Tell us about¬†the¬†kind of injuries¬†that¬†you saw.¬†Many sources¬†have said that¬†israel used banned weaons.”
Dr Hassan : ¬†Banned¬†weapons¬†were¬†minimal¬†in comparison to¬†Operation Cast¬†Lead¬†in 2008, 2009. Gaza¬†¬†has been under¬†siege¬†for¬†6 years.¬†Gaza is poor.¬†There is a lack of jobs, poverty, all¬†sorts of difficulties.¬†We need¬†help on a big scale, to rebuild our¬†society¬† our capacities to enforce our¬†resistance and existence on the ground. Yes we are happy with this victory, but we paid a very big price and we need big help.¬†Operation space?¬†The¬†major¬†type of wounds are different kinds of crash injuries because¬†people were smashed under rubble of¬†their¬†houses¬†due to¬†IDF bombardment. As¬†Israel¬†could not find targets they were hitting either empty places¬†or densely populated areas¬†and civilians were being killed. This¬†exhausted¬†our limited¬†and¬†capacity¬†to deal with the medical crisis¬†because having been under¬†siege¬†for six year¬†¬†we have little medical equipment.¬†People had¬†difficulty¬†getting¬†to¬†the¬†hospital and leaving their houses.¬†No place¬†in Gaza was safe.¬†For a few months¬†we have lacked¬†60% of medicines.¬†Our stock is zero in many aspects¬†because¬†of all¬†of¬†this.¬†We are¬†highly¬†dependent¬†on¬†¬†the¬†government health sector.¬†People have shown¬†admiration of¬†the¬†activities¬†that take place here,¬†delegations¬†have¬†admiration¬†of¬†the¬†health staff,¬†the¬†skills and¬†faithfulness¬†but¬†they all agree that we¬†don’t¬†have resources.¬†Yes they brought¬†some help but this is¬†a¬†very minor thing.¬†Monthly¬†we need 4-5¬†million¬†to run¬†the¬†health sector¬†here in¬†Gaza.¬†¬†My message¬†tonight¬†is that we are in¬†urgent¬†need¬†of¬†your help¬†and¬†we¬†have¬†paid a very big price¬†through the¬†¬†blood¬†of our women and children.¬†The¬†world¬†should supply us with what¬†we need.¬†This is our right.¬†They need to stand with us and to support us.”

My nephew lost¬†his¬†right leg,¬†his hand is damaged in¬†a¬†critical situation.¬†He¬†was lucky because¬†Egyptian consultants were there so they could save him.¬†They took him to Egypt and we hope he will recover.¬†He is one of thousands.Witness:¬†This is not the first one and it will not be the last one. There is the¬†nakba from 1948.¬†In¬†1956¬†they carried out many massacres. 111 ppl were shot¬†dead¬†in¬†a school in Raffah¬† in¬†1956.¬†At that timethere¬†was¬†no¬†TV, no media.¬†In¬†1978 i was 12 yrs old and¬†I¬†remember¬†a¬†massive killing¬†of¬†civilians – because¬†there was no war –¬†The¬† Egyptian¬†miltary escaped from gaza and they left us in front of tanks and¬†I¬†saw-¬†I¬†can’t forget it – 6 days of flesh… you couldn’t bury them.

#MrFear Al Shifa Interview on Islam Channel, In Tweets 
Main Stream Media coverage perpetuates this oppression and by keeping people silent the conflict will never be solved. #MrFear #Aid4Gaza
People that remain silent when there is an oppressor and oppressive force, help oppresion to continue. #MrFear #Aid4Gaza#ProtestforGaza
1 day this conflict will be solved justly and people will know from historical record of those who helped. #MrFear #Aid4Gaza
Intrnationals in Gaza make a big difference but it’s matter of doing something for the Palestinian people. Everyone has 2 do something 2 help¬†#MrFear#Aid4Gaza
Israel doesn’t want to see PALESTINE flourish and as long as their is a blockade, PALESTINE will not flourish.¬†#Aid4Gaza¬†#MrFear
So long as there is a blockate Gaza won’t flourish. That is pupose of the blockade. If Palestinian were thriving, the world would see them#Aid4Gaza
#Drones, sea bombardment, land bombardment. Things always seemed to get worse & increase in more inhumane ways & they did, we saw that as the days progressed. The last few nights in Gaza were horrific…#Aid4Gaza¬†#MrFear
The only way Israel can stop armed ressistance is to an extent flatten life out of Gaza, #MrFear #Aid4Gaza #Bomb2MiddleAges
I saw children screaming for parents. I saw one guy who survived, but both legs and arms had orthopeadic metal spikes protruding from them. #MrFear#Aid4Gaza
The fact that this is a  repitition and that the world didnt put any pressure on the leaders to stop this is devastating. #MrFear #Aid4Gaza
As you just said, I don’t think anyone who has gone thorugh this in Gaza will not not have any psychological damage.¬†#drones¬†#MrFear#Aid4Gaza
Moments were resonating, horrible, news coming in minute by minute hour by hour, to see how Palestinians have been killed. #Aid4Gaza #MrFear

One car waving Palestinian, Egyptian and Turkish flags #Gaza pic.twitter.com/9Z0OoCfy

Palestinian National Initiative leader Mustafa Barghouti marches with celebration crowds in Gaza pic.twitter.com/TBusQpNY

If Israel had credible opposition, it could capitalize on what looks like a colossal Netanyahu miscalculation. But… right now, it doesn’t.http://www.ilpost.it/2012/11/21/live-foto-gaza-oggi/israel-palestinian-conflict-gaza-netanyahu/

Ambulances join the throngs celebrating…for the first time since this began they R not in streets 2 respond 2 strike pic.twitter.com/Zg5w6HxD
Sheer ecstasy in Gaza pic.twitter.com/rGPq7Ct2

Dozens of motorcycles on standby at the edge of¬†#Tahrir¬†in case battles intensify and they’re to carry the injured¬†http://twitpic.com/bf7o5h
Kasr Dubara Church off Tahrir Street clashes has opened very well organized field hospital, says Omar Makram mosque not welcoming this time
The streets of #Gaza have drowned out the drones.

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