Live Blog5 #GazaUnderAttack

 #AntiMSMContinuous feed of updates from Gaza Tuesday 20th November 2012.All reports in Local Gaza Time, Latest reports at the top of the page. Harry Fear’s Live U stream: Our team will be interviewing @HarryFear tomorrow, any questions? Tweet them to #MrFear For the 19th November follow: For the 18th November follow: For the 17th November follow: For the 16th November follow:

Approx 23:57
Momentary calm with drones over head

Approx 23:51
East and west Khan Younis being hit and Northe of the strip as well and one injury arrives to Naser hospital.

Approx 23:48
Deir Al Balah is being hit at the moment

Approx 23:44
Mid Gaza is now being shelled

Approx 23:35
Two explosions in Al Nasr area, smoke rising.

Approx 23:34
Explosion in Nasr area north west of Gaza

Approw 23:32
4 Massive explosions heard in north #Gaza city followed by Israeli F-16 noise moments ago

Approx 23:31
Approximately four explosions now shake the city of Gaza. War planes at low altitudes all over Gaza.

Approx 23:30
Two people confirmed killed in the last shelling of eastern Khan Younis city

Approx 23:25
The biggest explosion yet hit eastern Khan Younis

Approx 23:35
Khan Younis is being raided and reports on dead.

Approx 23:34
Qassam just hacks into the Channel 1, 2, 10 and threatens to hit Tel Aviv

Approx 23:20
Two martyrs reported from a motorcycle targeting in Rafah.

Approx 23:18
Injuries are now reported from the last air strikes on Khan Younis city, they have arrived to the Naser hospital

Approx 23:15
Rayyes Mount is now being intensively shelled in Gaza

Approx 23:13
Eastern Al Zeitoun was hit moments ago but no injuries

Approx 23:07
Southern Gaza is experiencing attacks

Approx 23:04
F-16s attacking various sites in Gaza Including Al Meghazi Camp, Khan Younis and Gaza City.

Approx 23:02
A lot of Gazans are reporting that their houses are shaking without any explosions nearby.

Approx 22:58
Rimmal area was hit, sixth floor of Nimah tower was hit, central Gaza.

Approx 22:55
Apache’s attack somewhere near Gala Street in north Gaza City.

Approx 22:47
War ships are back two explosions just heard in Al Nusairat

Approx 22:44
Two explosions just hit Gaza

Approx 22:40
Medical sources say that white phosphorous was used in Gaza today.

Approx 22:22
Intensive shelling in Khan Younis

Approx 22:20
Entire Gaza strip is being shelled right now.

Approx 22:10
Safinah area (former intelligence building) is being heavily shelled, this is for the tenth time now
Approx 22:09
Hospitals across the strip are in need of blood and volunteers, please donate and volunteer if you can

Approx 22:08
Mos’ab Doghmush 22 just dies due to injuries from attack in Gaza city earlier today

Approx 22:03
Three Explosions in north Gaza. East Gaza is being hit too.

Approx 22:01
Tunnels in Rafah, Beit Lahia and Gaza city were all shelled moments ago

Approx 21:54
Northern Gaza still raided this time the Jamarek area

Approx 21:49
Northern part of the strip is still being raided Southern Part of the strip is being hit as well, tunnels area to be specific

Approx 21:46
A home was air raided now in Sana’a street in Gaza city.

Approx 21:43
Ahmad Hussein 21 from Jenin, was killed today in Acre by Jewish Settlers Approx 21:42 Strike in Sana’a street. Gaza.

Approx 21:34
West Gaza Strip was just hit Approx 21:30 Attack in Gaza City, North and South Gaza.

Approx 21:27
Al Zeitoun was just hit. Approx 21:26 135 killed, 34 children included and more than 1100 injured since this operation began. Rafah was just hit again

Approx 21:18
Rafah – Two killed in a motorcycle targeting Ahmad and Khaled Abed Abu Moor

Approx 21:13
A strike very close to Al Shifa hospital

Approx 21:10
Two explosions just right now in Gaza city

Approx 21:05
A home Bani Suheila area was hit minutes ago in Gaza. 10 minutes ago a home in Nuseirat that belonged Aqel family was attacked

Approx 20:59
Mohammad Abu Setta and Salem Abu Setta both killed in Zweidah minutes ago

Approx 20:54
An explosion just hit near Gaza University near the Tel Al Hawa area Warships striking near the shore of Gaza City

Approx 20:51
Khan Younis just hit Gaza

Approx 20:25
INTENSIVE shelling all over the Gaza Strip now, heard 50 explosions in the last hour alone.

Approx 20:21
Two injured women just arrived at Al Shifa Hospital

Approx 20:18
Airstrike targets motorcycle, one martyr, two injuries reported in Rafah and war ships are still targeting middle Gaza.

Approx 20:10
Salem Abu-Sitta, the martyr reported in Deir Al Balah.

Approx 20:07
Intensive shelling by warships now, explosions heard in Al-Nusirat refugee camp Approx 20:07 Airstrikes in Northern Gaza

Approx 20:06
Airstrike targets Shwidih family house in Al-Zaytoun, no warned proceeded, fire and causalities reported. A new martyr reported in Deir Al Balah

Approx 20:02
Ahmad Dawood Oglu, Turkey Foreign Minister,is  crying in Alshifaa hospital due to the terrible things he has seen there.

Approx 20:00
Intensive shelling in Middle Gaza.

Approx 19:52
30 shells have landed in Beit Hanoun so far.

Approx 19:50
Huge explosions hitting North Gaza.

Approx 19:42
Huge artillery shock just hit Gaza City.

Approx 19:35
Hassan al Ostaz One killed in Deir Al Balah. Other named Mohammed Abu-Ashia.

Approx 19:13
Mohammad Musa Abu Aysha was killed in Deir Al Balah he also works for Al Quds channel

Approx 19:11
East Khan Younis was just hit  Approx 19:09 Deir El Balah – That was car targeting, killed one and injured two

Approx 18:58
Another explosion now, 6th in 10 minutes targets Al-Nusirat refugee camp Deir El Balah Targeting – One killed thus far.

Approx 18:49
Another explosion heard now in Al-Nusirat, third in 5 minutes

Approx 18:45
Two reporters were killed from Al Aqsa were Mahmoud Al Koumi and Hussam Salama

Approx 18:38
U.S. sends warships near Israel in case evacuation needed

Approx 18:09
Breaking news:According to Israeli newspaper there is no ceasefire.

Approx 17:21 he IDF has asked civilians to evacuate and go to a place named Baghdad street. Minutes after this, there has been a massacre against them in Baghdad Street. Now, 8 have been murdered and 3 are critically injured. No place in Gaza is safe! No way, we will never evacuate. We will never give up. We will be here forever. Approx 17:17 The IDF has just asked Shejaeya to evacuate.. there will be a ground invasion in the next few minutes. Approx 17:10

Naming Dead
Approx 17:06
Leaflets dropped in various parts of #Gaza City reportedly (from numerous sources) telling residents to evacuate to city center.
Approx 17:00
Scenes from the West Bank as protests spread in solidarity with Gaza
Approx 15:56
NOW: Ma’an is reporting on FOUR Palestinians killed in an Israeli strike south of  Gaza

Approx 15:45 Strong statement on Gaza from the biggest UK union, Unite demands an end to “barbaric attack on defenseless civilians”, step up #BDS Approx 15:34 Israel’s “aggression” against gaza to end Ton uesday, Egypt leader Mohammed Morsi says:

Approx 1524
Israeli airstrikes targeted 4 cemeteries.
55 homes totaly destroyed
550 Gazan homes partially damaged
Water distribution truck hit,killing father and son.
Medical reports: 3 fatalities died of cardiac arrest as result of shock.
Approx 15:15
46 Palestinians killed, 100 wounded in last 24hrs.
Since escalation begun, over 100′ killed , 24 children,
260 children wounded, 140 women.

Approx 15:00

At least 5 Palestinians have been killed, including a 5 year old child.
Harry Fear :”I visited IM building in Gaza City – shocking because I had lunch there a few weeks ago – now it’s only rubble. Israel is only bombing theses buildings at night because there are no people there. What I’m hearing in Gaza is that Israel is trying to eliminate government to force an unconditional ceasefire. Arafat airport has been struck again. It was destroyed ten years ago and now is being destroyed again. That was in southern east tip of Gaza strip. Destruction of airport is being done by Israeli tanks.”
Al Qassam Brigade had a televised conference. They showed a video of them destroying a tank; threatened Israel that if they invade, they will all be destroyed.
Approx 14:46
All over world people are demonsrating against this horror inflicted upon Gaza

Approx 07:00 Renewed attacks on northern Gaza Approx 06:52 There was a rocket the dropped on Ousamma Abu Anza’s home in Khan Younis that has not yet exploded. Approx 06:33 One injury from Shaja’iya attack minutes ago, a young man Approx 06:22 Khouli family home hit in Eastern Gaza city Approx 06:08 A civilian has been hit, in Qandeel Street, in new strikes on East Gaza City. Approx 06:03 Agha tower was hit in Khan Younis, reports on many injuries Approx 06:01 Last strike on Khan Younis was near the big mosque downtown Khan Younis. Another home has been targeted Approx 05:53 Ousamma Abu Anza’s home in East Khan Younis is being hit for the second time Approx 05:52 Two minor injuries reported from Al Sultan home bombing. Approx 05:44 No injuries from Mohammad Al Sultan home bombing. Thank you Ya rab. Approx 05:40 Mohammad Al Sultan’s home in Beit Lahia in Salateen area was completely destroyed moments ago northern Gaza Approx 05:27 North Western Gaza was hit by F-16’s and ambulances are on their way. Approx 04:55 Renewed attacks on Gaza City. Approx 04:25 Explosion in Beit Lahia Approx 04:18 Northern Gaza is being bombed. Approx 04:03 Home of Ousamma Abu T’eima in Eastern Khan Younis is being raided, for the second time now Approx 03:58 East Khan Younis, East Rafah, East Gaza City, East Jabalia, East Beit Hanoun are all being bombarded at this moment Approx 03:53 Eastern Jabaliya is in blackout, East Jabaliya, East Beit Hanoun, East Khan Younis and East Gaza city are being heavily bombarded. Approx 03:43 Eastern Qarara area and Sudaniya have just been hit. Approx 03:36 East and North Gaza hit by airstrikes Approx 03:32 Explosions in Gaza City. Approx 03:29 Beit Hanoun hit Approx 03:23 Explosions is Middle Gaza, Khan Younis, Gaza City and Al Zeitoun areas. Approx 03:14 Warships hitting Khan Younis shores. Airstrikes hit Shaja’iya cemetery again but no injuries have been reported. Approx 03:03 North and East Gaza are now being hit Approx 02:55 Empty land hit near the former intelligence building Al Safinah, this is like the tenth time they’ve hit that area Approx 02:49 A grave yard has been hit by airstrikes in Shaja’iya Approx 02:39 Israel Channel. 3: Netanyahu has agreed to give truce talk another 24 hours before invading by ground Approx 02:15 A minor injury reported from the Abu Daqqa home that was raided in Khan Younis. Approx 02:06 Middle Gaza Strip is being hit my airstrikes Approx 01:57 The home of Abu Tamer Daqqa was hit by an airstrike in Khan Younis Approx 01:57 15 strikes hit Khan Younis Approx 01:28 Gaza is being raided, explosions can be heard everywhere. Approx 01:04 The National Islamic Bank in Gaza was hit minutes ago. Approx 00:13 Listen to Harry Fear’s list of martyrs: Updated list of martyrs can be found @ : Approx 00:00 San’aa “As this massacre continues, my heart becomes more and more bound to the struggle of the Palestinians. Every tear that falls ties me to you.”

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