Ode to the Chinar leaf: Martyrdom

Chinar leaf
Here she lies, flat at my feet
Lush shade of emerald green, laying breathless
Your body became one again with the Earth.
Thick stems bearing strength, scarred
It’s sight and scent bring, vivid memories
Of not one but many chinar leaves,
Strewn across the valley of Kashmir
As though they were holding hands, rioting
Your bold shape filled, with your history
Your veins branched, still throbbing pain
Through her life she made no enemy, yet
men came armed to fell her parent tree
Death’s sombre cloak of brown, she will become
Night fell
Angered wind blew, screaming injustice
this is not her end, she will feed the future
bring reason and hope.

A piece by a woman who takes a mother’s place in my life.
Sabiha Mahmoud

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