Besieged Paradise

They seized Paradise,
Stole her chastity,
Her body now a war zone,
Scars carved into limbs,
Tokens of rape,
Left by the tyrant who,
Crushed our buds with his jackboots,
So youth did not blossom in our valleys,
Four painstaking seasons of bloodshed,
Left childhood in a distant land,
Craved by the children of Paradise,
Babies with wise eyes, born into curfew,
Mothers spend labour at checkpoints,
Fathers drag wives through the night,
To hospitals where entry is denied,
This is the reign of the oppressor.

My love witnesses the tyrants,
Choke mother with their numbers,
1 too many,
50 too many,
500 too many,
This is not your land.
Why are non-lethal pellets blinding our children,
Why is teargas seeping into the crevices,
Of a young boys lungs,
As he clutches onto the final stone,
An act of resistance..

You see where I come from,
Resistance is blood stained,
A solemn tale of a brutal occupation,
A sombre song of those,
Forcefully silenced,
Preferentially unheard,
Their screams are not human,
Their pain not valid enough for tears,
They deserve not your anger,
Rather your apathy,
And it –  is killing me.

Because you forget,
We are every child under siege,
In Srinagar today,
It is our wise eyes,
That make your soulless troops quiver,
It is our lungs,
Their tear gas is choking,
It is the legacy of the martyrs,
Who you seem to think,
We require your consent to honour,
That gives us the strength needed to rise,
And change is coming…
You can feel it, we know.

Your troops will flee,
Trembling in their jackboots,
As our children with stones,
Grow into men with ideas,
As the daughters you raped,
Become the resolve that we honour,
Tearing down your occupation,
1 brick at a time,
5 bricks too many,
500 bricks too many,
This was never your land,
And you can no longer disguise this torture.

Change is near,
Closer now..
Resonating across the valley,
We can hear her footsteps..

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