Our Song

The letters strewn across the grooves of her palm,
Smelled like a bloodstained land he knew too well,
The valley heard the freedom song escaping her airways,
The voice of the beloved sung back from its depths,
It was not the ruin of a once strong city,
Nor the thread of a broken song,
This was the sound of the revolution rising..

He’d found the path to victory in her palms,
She knew his eyes had battle lines already drawn,
Land and sea stood between them,
But ready to tear down borders,
He had taken her hand,
Unity had never tasted so sweet..
The struggle engulfed decades of their youth,
And now only one trembling breath,
Was left to linger between them,
Because freedom, was near.

The paths that liberating armies had marched,
Were drawn across her,
Bullet wounds marked  the sights of victory upon him,
His voice crisp with revolution,
Whispered a prayer in the moonlight,
Eloquent phrases that’d shaken the foundations,
Of the tyrant,
Traversed her lips,
Her tongue fluttering through verse,
His leading armies in the language only her mother spoke,
Love lined the folds of their history, today.

Years had passed since,
They had written victory across the seas,
Of foreign lands,
This last trembling breath that held them,
Drew the threads tying them together, tighter,
They had sacrificed everything,
Her womb heavy with life had brought hope,
Hope learnt English on the battlefield,
In her Baba’s arms,
She learnt strength as her mother tended to wounds,
On the frontlines,
Hope had survived a massacre,
He had always held her within him,
She had cradled her through painful nights,
Broken limbs had never fallen between them,

This was not war, this was life.

The final stretch to the Jhelum stood before them,
Her bullet ridden ribcage seeping with crimson,
His eyes fluttering somewhere between twilight and dawn,
But freedom was at their fingertips, now,
Hope had her father’s twinkling eyes,
Courage she had taken from her mother’s heart,
If we did not reach the banks we once dreamt of,
We would reach them through her,
Victory was certain.

Freedom belonged to the people,
Our song is theirs.

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