Free to Speak – The Book

A collection of my first 100 poems has kindly been put together, by wonderful friend and adopted mother Sabiha Mahmoud.

Free To Speak

Each copy costs £10 which include postage and printing costs as the book has been self published.

Anything that remains will be donated 100% towards the Light Gaza Project. You will all be aware of the important place that Gaza holds within my heart and the way in which the blessed land and it’s people have raised me.

The donations will mean children can study safely when electricity is at best 4 hours per day and you can find out more

To purchase a copy you can make your £10  payment via paypal to:
Mention that it’s for “the book” and your address and it should be with you within a week or so.

Thank you to everybody who has continued to read and share my work, so that we could reach this stage today. The struggle continues with us at it’s centre, always.


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