Palestinian Prisoner Day 2013

palestinian-prisoner-dayEvery year on the 17th of April Palestinians commemorate Palestinian prisoner day.  Palestinian detainees live under harsh conditions suffering from violations against their basic human rights on a daily basis, for long periods of time. These daily violations and aggressions against the prisoners include high levels of medical neglect as diseases run rife within prisons. Many prisoners have died in detention due to medical neglect. Thousands of families are denied visiting rights and have no idea of the state of their loved once whilst they are in detention. Those who are permitted to visit go through humiliating ordeals. Prisoners are subject to naked searches and  the occupational forces regularly enter into the rooms of detainees to physically and mentally abuse them.

Many prisoners are kept under administrative detention  which means they are basically detained without charge or trial and this is a well known tactic used by Israel to try and silence weekly protests and break the spirit of the Palestinian people, especially the youth. Another tactic used is solitary confinement and many leaders of the PLC have been held in solitary confinement and this sort of attack is used against leaders of the uprisings.

This all occurs whilst the international community is silent,  whilst the international humanitarian law makers are silent and the occupation continues to take the lives of innocent Palestinians.

At this time there are more than 4700 Palestinians still inside Israeli jails, divided over 23 prisons and detention centres.

• 203 of the are children under the age of 18
• 9 are women
• 11 are deputies of the PLC, most under administrative detention
• 1200 are detainees suffering from illness and facing medical negligence
• 320 are detained under administrative detention
• 112 prisoners have spent more than 17 years inside jails
• 23 of them have spent a quarter of a century inside prison.
• 2 prisoners Derar Abu Sessi and Awad Se’edi are still being held in solitary confinement in very bad conditions.
• 204 detainees have died within Israeli jails since 1967 due to medical neglect and ill treatment including

  •  Deliberated medical neglect which has caused the death of 51 prisoners
  •  Harsh forms of torture which have caused the death of 70 prisoners
  • Field Execution after arrest has caused the death of 74 prisoners
  • Shootings within Israeli jails have caused the death of 7 prisoners.

Information from: The ministry of Detainees, Khan Younis, Gaza.
Video Edited by: Sabiha Mahmoud

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