Intenational Autism Awareness Day 2013

Over the last few years of my life I have been lucky enough to get to know and work with people suffering from Autism. I’ve personally engaged with young people and have gotten to know a wonderful family, who accepted me as their own, whose lives have been deeply touched through this condition.

Through my experience I have been lucky enough to realise how  we, as a society need to increase our awareness and support those around us, in any way and by any means necessary because these families face a struggle. That struggle is a part of our collective and is a part which we must aim to understand and include.

I have learnt that a little understanding goes a very long way and we have a responsibility to those who are struggling, because without each other we are nothing. But together we are everything.

Sometimes my eyes waver,
My hands shake,
And I wonder how you must perceive – me.
You see everything so differently,
I wish the colours you painted,
Made sense to me – as they do to you,
But even in their code; they bring me hope,
Because in your colours there is greatness,
Because you see beauty in things I could never even perceive.

They say indifference is painful,
But in this difference your soul is bare,
Looking out at the world,
In shades that I couldn’t even name,
As you paint memories in your mind,
I wish I could see your dreams,
Maybe someday it will make sense to – me.

I often wonder,
Are we yet to meet?
Because your innocent eyes,
Speak to me in a language,
Even you don’t understand.
But I know that your world must be painted,
In courage,
And while I’m always afraid of defeat,
I cherish your strength,
It never allows me to be weak,
But I wonder, always wonder,
How you would paint – me.

Today is International Autism Awareness Day, are you Autism aware?


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