Pepper Gas

Kashmir is currently under siege,
Like my beloved Gaza,
But the world is silent…
Babies are struggling to breathe,
Under pepper gas which is heavily weighing on their lungs,
Yet the world is silent…
Downtown Srinagar is being gassed,
I just spoke to a brother,
Whose eight month old nephew is struggling to breathe,
And it’s breaking my heart.
Imagine how his mother must feel.
Children my little brothers age,
Are living in a whirlwind of poisonous gasses,
Attacking their lungs,
Why is the world is silent..

I don’t know,
What I can say or do,
To make this better,
But I will say,
And I will do,

Everything within my power,
Because every child,
Struggling to breathe is ours,
Because  every crime against humanity,
Is a crime against us,
Every minute under Indian occupation is injustice,
And every second of curfew must be broken.

For the sake of those, whose Kashmiri blood,
Means that they will be targeted and killed.
For the sake of every soul carrying this burden of tyranny,
Upon his back.
We must scream while the world is silent,
While the defenders of human rights forget us,
We must become defenders of our own rights,
We must all become Kashmiri.

The silence resonating across the globe,
Must be questioned,
Because I fear our silence,
Will cause another Kashmiri bride,
To cry tears of blood,
It will c ause another father to bury his son,
Before his time had come,
Because I fear our continued silence,
Amounts to the pepper gas,
Filling the lungs of my dear brothers,
Eight month old nephew,
And it is breaking my heart.
Imagine how his mother must feel.

One thought on “Pepper Gas

  1. What an incredibly powerful poem from a perspective that I do not personally have. My sympathies are with those that are suffering. Thank you for sharing this.

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