Valley of the Brave

You don’t want to hear about,
The world biggest democracy,
Committing genocide,
against an indigenous population,
Or its demographic threats,
To the children,
Of disappeared fathers,
Likely tortured, killed,
And laid to rest in mass graves,
You don’t wana hear about,
Hell you still think Kashmir is a sweater,
Or a Led zeppelin song,

Well you’re wrong,
Kashmir is a paradise on earth,
But for those dwelling under the jackboots of an oppressor,
It’s hell,
It’s a living torture,
But they fight,
They resist,
Not just with stones,
But with life,
Life becomes resistance.

When our rivers fill with blood,
When our youth are scattered dead across their banks,
When our women are hurt, raped,
Psychologically scarred,
They are not defeated,
Another generation of lions rises,
In Kashmir even our lambs become lions,
In Kashmir children don’t taste childhood,
They taste bullets,
Because they are too short,
To be shot in the leg,
Those who live,
Physically and psychologically,
Post traumatic stress disorder,
Becomes normal.

Another day,
Another dead.

Welcome to Kashmir,
Paradise on earth,
Somewhat more,
Than a sweater or a led zeppelin song,
Welcome to Kashmir,
The valley of the brave.

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