We Remember

The tears will fall,
Maybe silently at first,
But the unbearable,
Cannot be contained,
There is injustice and tyranny,
There is war and Genocide
There is suffering and tragedy
But nothing compares to rape.

An entire village,
Scarred by the aftermath,
Of that torturous night,
Generations destroyed,
Humanity displaced,
Emotions forgotten,
These words are a waste,
Because I cannot,
Imagine the pain you embraced.

I cannot describe,
The walls within which you were caged,
Nor the brutal force with which they stole,
Your chastity.

This is more than a tragedy,
This is one arm,
Of a brutal occupation,
A tale of impunity,
A tyrant exerting his immoral rule,
Over an oppressed populace,

But though the world does not hear us,
Though we failed to wipe their tears,
When justice comes it will bite,
It will scream and scar your tale of democracy,
Beyond repair.

We remember,
Every rape,
Every second of suffering,
And though these words may not resonate with you,
What happened on February 23rd 1991,
Was a massacre of dignity, of honour, of respect, and most of all a proof of your own inhumanity.


One thought on “We Remember

  1. A very strong and resilient words, stay strong my dear ,keep ur effective words flowing freely like a river, exposing their brutal, animalistic and uncivilised behaviour in ur beautiful country Kashmir .

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