I Am Kashmir

I am Kashmir,
I am under curfew,
My children – encaged,
The soil of my earth,
Is slowly staining crimson,
The rivers of my valleys – turning red.

I am Kashmir,
Nobody remembers me,
I am slowly starving,
No medicine, no food – no aid,
I cannot leave my home,
With the fear of being shot,
I cannot ask for help,
For communication was stolen,
My phone – useless,
The internet  – down.

I am Kashmir,
My blood isn’t red,
It cannot be,
If it was I would feel your sympathy,
Heavy on your chest,
Weighing down your conscience,
But it’s not,
So I mustn’t bleed.

I am Kashmir,
The heaven bound within hell,
The occupied land,
Trampled by the state sponsored terrorists,
of India,
The child engulfed by pain,
Wishing for a freedom I am yet to taste,
I am a man,
Without my grave named,
I am a woman,
Beautiful and strong,
But I’m widowed – half widowed,
By Israel – no sorry I meant India.

I am Kashmir,
Brave, courageous,
Honoured and historic,
But my blood isn’t red,
So I mustn’t bleed..
And please,
Don’t think to remember me.

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