Captive of the Past

I’m a captive of the past,
A product of pain,
I’m the little girl grieving on the riverbank,
Head on her knees, heavy hearted,
Struggling to see the silver lining,
Even though it’s everything I strive to be.

I’m the candle that lights the room in your heart,
But how will ever ask my pain to depart?
My brother knows, he says that it will never leave,
And I tell him I am sure that it will never be eased,
We’re both products of past, legends left unread,
Rebelling spirits that you could never save,
Eyes that find the root of your deepest of pains.

I’m desperate to break the silence, of solitude in my bones,
There’s nothing but melancholic words left to write,
My sincerest of lines couldn’t reflect the tears in my eyes,
My veins spread before you, each with a story of its own,
My bloodline became entrenched in this war,
Pain only opens your eyes to the heart wrenching cries,
Of souls buried deep within the clutches of tyrants.

I’m a solitary wave, in an ocean of guilt,
I’m a product of this fort that I’ve built,
Every moment has a smell, in the air it’s refreshed,
I still feel your presence within every breath,
There’s no dictionary definition for the separate emotion,
Carried by each chamber of my heart,
Nor are there words to describe what I embed in this art.

I’m a story, still waiting to be read,
I’m a struggle between my heart and my head,
I’m the sister Allah decided to place in your path,
The wide eyed little girl who’s not afraid of death,
I’m the voice of my people,
The product of their struggle,
I’m the energy they need for their war to end,
I’m the one who they say personifies hope,
I wish I could see what they see…

I’m sitting on the riverbank,
Head on my knees,
Heavy hearted and weak,
A captive of the past, A product of pain..

But today I have these rocks, in the palms of my hands,
If you ask I’m forever ready to take a stand,
Every stone thrown is a vision that we’ll paint,
Carrying a passion that was drawn from the pain…

I wrote this over a year ago, but it’s interesting that these words still ring true today.


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