Justice is long overdue. We are all Issawi.

Freedom to Palestine

Call for Action

Please Join us on Monday event http://www.facebook.com/events/249263415205194/ in solidarity with Samer

Shireen and Tarek Issawi hold Samer’s picture. Photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler, for Alternativenews.org

Being on hunger strike; losing more than half of your weight; suffering uncountable kinds of diseases; living in a two-meters-square room; not knowing when you will be released: it could be 1 year or 10 years or less or even more, you just have to wait. This is not only Samer Issawi’s story but also that of many other administrative detainees and unjustly held Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Samer is a Palestinian from Jerusalem. He was detained only eight months after his previous 11-year arrest that ended with his freedom in the Oct 18th 2011 prisoner exchange deal. He is denied a fair trial in the Israeli military courts. Thus, he launched a hunger strike on Aug 1st, to protest his…

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