#SaveLin December 19th 2012

Lin the 14 month old baby girl suffering from cancer was found in Al Bureji Refugee Camp and on Monday contact was made with her family. Currently a solution is being found for her transfer, which will either be made to Cairo or the Israeli hospital which she was originally at. The Gazan government are working to facilitate a solution and transfer for Lin.

Today a member of our team on the ground in Gaza went to visit Lins family and we will have more to share with you once we receive our photoreport from Gaza.

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#SaveLin December 16th 2012

We are currently looking for a young Gazan cancer patient called, Lin Hassan. Lin is suffering due to cancer in both of her Kidneys and was denied care in an Israeli hospital. We wish to transfer her to Cairo for the life saving treatment which she needs and are working with the Egypt based “Aid and Hope programme for cancer patients”. Sources tell us that the Hassan family are situated in Al Bureji Refugee camp, central Gaza and any contact information is vital in helping us to find Lin.

Do you know the Hassan family? Contact us, leave a comment or tweet #SaveLin

The article below was shared by Palestinian journalists @ http://www.palestine-info.co.uk

The Israeli Kaplan hospital has expelled a Palestinian girl, Lin Hassan, who has been suffering from cancer in both her kidneys despite her treatment was not completed.

The child’s mother said in a statement on Saturday that immediately after her daughter started receiving treatment, she was surprised when the hospital administration informed them of the decision to stop all treatments for Lin.

She said that her child was scheduled to be operated on for the removal of the tumor, but the hospital administration expelled her because the Palestinian Authority did not pay the dues of Lin’s previous stay in the Israeli hospital.

Lin’s mother confirmed that her daughter’s health condition is getting worse after they have returned to their home in the Breij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip where there is no cure for the little child.

Via: http://www.palestine-info.co.uk/En/default.aspx?xyz=U6Qq7k%2bcOd87MDI46m9rUxJEpMO%2bi1s7iQozwlNRi00O9mU0ZAAuEaGM58wqSF4fxHwv2gURhNO8PiMKBxh7Op9StYSZUpz9mgHEFSr1dEf8oT9aGo3LwGlkzxn3eKk%2b0qtyboNgNSk%3d

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