Live Blog4 #GazaUnderAttack

Continuous feed of updates from Gaza Monday 19th November 2012.
All reports in Local Gaza Time, Latest reports at the top of the page.

Harry Fear’s Live U stream:

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Approx 23:20
Harry reads names of all 107 casualties caused by the initiation of IDF’s Operation Pillar of Clouds, on November 14, sundown.
We will provide you with an updated list shortly.

Approx 23:14
“Al Qassam Brigade will always act for the liberation of Palestine, and the release of all detainees”Approx 23:06

In London, BDS campaign is boycotting/protesting against an Israeli performance at Sadlers Wells theatre.
Approx 23:02
Rafah is under heavy attack.
Approx 23:01

There have been six casualties as result of targeting Beit Lahia family home.

Harry Fear “So long as Israel keeps killing children, it seems inevitable that resistance groups will be continuing to strike and escalate farther against Israel.”

Approx 22:59
Israel is destroying municipality buildings in Northern Gaza strip in last five minutes.

Approx 22:54
Strip is being hit in the last few moments.

Approx 22:49
A hospital in Tel Al Hawa, a Jordanian Hospital was hit by a missile from an Apache helicopter.

Approx 22:45
Names of those martyred in the Ujazi family massacre: Amna, Foad, Mohammad and Suhaib Ujazi.
The death toll has rise to 109.

Approx 22:41
Recent shelling of house in northeast Rafah in sourthern of strip has left an elderly woman wounded, including children. Also heavy shelling is taking place.

Approx 22:31

Harry analyzes: “Yesterday 4 children, 4 women, were killed as Israel tried to assassinate 1 man, who ended up surviving. Earlier we had the Al Zeitoun area was attacked for a middle aged man and now we had the Ujazi attack, where two brothers, mother and father have been killed.”
Approx 22:30
Israeli plane targeted the Jordanian hospital of Gaza City in last two minutes.
In last 30 seconds IDF has been shelling area of Beit Lahia. No injuries reported.
Approx 22:20
Al Qassam Brigade is shelling  Beer Sheva  with 5 Grad missiles.
Israeli F16 jet just hit Al Zahara area in central Gaza strip
From Nasrullah, Hezbullah  “The shelling is clearly and deliberately targeting women and chidlren. The military operation has failed in in weakening the military position of  the resistance…”
Approx 22:15
Attatra area in Raffah was hit by massive explosions. more details soon
Approx 22:11
US is preventing UN from fulfilling it’s duty to Palestinian people. Read more here :

Approx 22:10
Harry Fear “Yesterday I met a colleague who introduced himself and he said to me that Gazans had no idea that there are people from outside who are trying to do something for them.”

Approx 22:05
Airstrikes in Rafah, in southern Gaza in the last two minutes.

Approx 22:04
12 other children were injured in Ujazi family house.

Approx 22:00
Over 822+ homes or buildings have been hit/destroyed/damaged since Sundown on November 14th in Gaza.

Approx 21:57
Harry Fear “On Sunday the Al Dalou massacre. On Monday, the Al Ujazi Family Massacre I ask again, when will the world stop Israel?”
“What’s horrible about this is that the deaths just keep on rising, and the world is not going to do anything about it. And it just goes on and on and on. How many more civilians must die before world does something?”

Approx 21:56
The mother, father and two children have been martyred in what is now being called the Al Ujazi family massacre.

Approx 21:45
What is happening in West Bank is akin to Intifadah, apparently.
With respect to the Ujazi family incident, the father has been found dead; total of deaths in this incident is now 3.

Approx 21:43

West Bank Health Minister is expected to come to Gaza to help with health provision with 17 top medical professionals.
Approx 21:35
At least 3 Palestinians have been killed in the Saleh family in north of Gaza.
The 2 year old child is Muhamed and apparently he had a twin brother, who has just managed to survive.
More than 18 has been injured at family home of  Ujazi family.
An Israeli has been killed in last hour as result of Palestinian Resistance rocket fire.

Approx 21:32
Muhamed Hujazi and Suheid Ujazi, kids killed as result of Israeli aggression in Northern Gaza.

Approx 21:30
Searches are ongoing in Northern Area of Gaza which was hit by airstrikes.

Approx 21:24
Father of  a family is still missing, possibly under the rubble, and two children have been found dead, aged 2 & 4 in and IDF attack in North Gaza.

Approx 21:17
Must seen infographic: via

approx 21:13
Raffah has been struck again in last 5 mins following Drone attacks for a while now.

Approx 21:13
22-year-old Hamza Al-Falah, shot near Hebron, has become the second Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in West Bank protests. via @MaathMusleh

Approx 21:09
A real story about a real Gazan from “Activists around the world for Palestine”
“My 3-year-old nephew in Gaza, Abdallah, is a funny boy. He is very scared of the bombs and the constant shelling. But he told me that now he has a technique to calm himself down. He goes under his bed, closes his ears and starts shouting so that his voice would cover the sound of bombs and rockets. Today, he has a more creative solution: “When the missile comes to our house I hope my strong and big parents will hit it and push it away. But if that doesn’t work then I will give it all my chips, sweets, and candies so that he won’t hit me.”

Aprox 21:03
Explosion in Al Bureij camp near the Khalil Al Rahman mosque. Land was hit  but no reports of injuries as of yet.

Approx 21:03
The Palestinian Return Center’s Update Report on Gaza:

Approx 20:58
The Al Darai family home was targeted by the IDF. A Warning drone shot took place and now F-16’s are swarming around the area.

Approx 20:57
IDF has destroyed an entire building in Raffah. A friend of Harry Fears is reporting that he is terrified.

Approx 20:39
The 2 Palestinians killed in the airstrike on Al Nusairat Refugee Camp are named, Khalil Shahada and Osama Shshada

Approx 20:38
Tony Blair “I support Egypt efforts to broker peace”
2 strikes have hit Khan Younis in the last two minsApprox 20:36
There are reports that a Palestinian rocket has just injured an Israeli woman in the  Ashkol regional council area.

Approx 20:10
2 killed in the Al Nusairat area of Gaza

Approx 20:09
An18 year old pregnant female and a 7 year old child were injured in the last airstrike on Al Sha’aaf area in Gaza via  Dr.Ashraf AlQudra head of  Public Relations and Medai at Al Shifa Hospital

Approx 20:00
The Hamas deputy foreign minister Ghazi Hamad specified his government’s demands to Israel during an interview with Italian Nena News Agency on November 19. Hamad said: “We have to cancel the buffer zone; they have to stop the assassination policy; they have to stop targeting civilians. This is very important. And also to lift the siege on Gaza.”

Find the report here :

Approx 19:58
San’aa “Back on live blog, thank you to the team who kept this place going throughout the day. I didn’t wish to return to the news of more martyrs but as things continue to progress we will keep you updated.”

Approx 17:33
Ahrar: A new martyr but from Ramallah, Rushdi Al Tamimi, 31 was martyred whilst protesting against the war in Gaza in the village of Nabi Saleh  near Ramallah. He was also shot by Israeli forces in a similar protest 2 days ago.
Source: Ahrar center for the study of prisoners and human rights

Approx 18:03
Harry will be back in next 45 minutes.
Death toll has now gone up to at least 100.Injured behind are maimed, cut and burnt. 80% of them are civilians.
Harry Fear” These could be your family if you had the fortune of being born in Gaza.When I’m back I’ll bring you more information. Thank you for keeping me going. Resting for an hour in a bit. I’m hoping to maintain this so long as the war goes on. So I want to thank everyone for your support  because most of the world is ignoring this. So thanks to you all who cares about Gaza.”

Approx 16:41

RIP: Salim Swailim also killed in the Sunshine tower (media building)

PHOTO: targeted Al-Shroukh Tower

Photo: Ramiz Harb – killed by an Israeli airstrike on the Shorouq media tower in Gaza City

Approx 17:25

Updated list of martyrs

Approx 16:24

The Al Zeitoun area is being shelled again. At least 50 elderly men & 115 women injured.

Approx 16:20

Egyptian reporter Abdel-Rahman Hussein in Cairo says “Israel has failed to achieve it’s goals”

Turkish Foreign Minister to visit the Gaza strip.

Approx 16:20

Egypt PM says Israel has faild to ahieve it’s goals

Foreign Minister to visit the Gaza Strip

Approx 16:15
Beit Hanooun got hit 20 times in last minutes.
Khan Younis also is being targetted. Confirmed killing of two more Palestinians in Al Nusairat.
Hamiz Ra, 36yr old killed in Al Sharouq tower.

Approx 15:57


Approx 15:56
Journalists in Gaza that have been targeted in Al Sharouq Tower, home to Gaza’s most prominent journalists, have said they will not stop reporting.
Hamas: Is proud of what Palestinian people have achieved in last few days.

Approx 15:53
Hamas Spokesman Meshaal, on external TV and not Palestinian TV: “Israel is targeting civilians.”
It’s been confirmed 100% that 1 has  been killed and 3 injured as a result of Al Sharouq shelling in the last half hour.
Israel has now closed it’s International Airport of Ben Gurion.
Al Sharouq building is  home to the technical ICT Center which have been recently attacked.

Approx 15:48

Housam Abad Al-Jawad, martyred.

Approx 15:45

1 injured arriving at Shifa Hospital has been totally burned.

Unconfirmed reports that there has been at least 1 person killed in last half hour.

75% accuracy: At least 1 journalist inside that media building has been killed in last 20 min.

Several floors of Al Sharouq building are still ablaze.

Approx 15:40

A number of journalists are yelling inside Al Sharouk building. 3 of those injured are now arriving to the Hospital in Central Gaza City.

Head of Al Houda hospital has been killed in last couple of hours. He was victim of targeted assassination while driving his car.

Approx 15:38

Commentary: no one is safe in Gaza: not journalists, not medics, not civilians. This is a terror policy of Israel.

Smoke flames arising from Al Sharouq building

Approx 15:33
Al Sharouq Tower has been hit again, in Gaza. This building was struck yesterday and I believe that this is the third time it has been attacked. The result of this shelling is 3 injured Palestinians.
1st martyr in Op Pillar of Cloud holding Egyptian citizenship has been martyred in Raffah city.

Approx 15:29
1 injured in the last 30 seconds, and reports of bombing in Gaza City.

Targeted in Al Joundi area – being called the Sunrise Tower area. That is one of the most posh and affluent areas in Gaza City.

Approx 15:25
@WillOuda “How to sleep for continues 30 min. under bombardment”…… I need such a book

Approx 15:24

BREAKING: Attacking Al Nusairat refugee camp by sea being fired by Naval forces.

4 wounded and 1 killed in Safwatly area, this might be the same as before, to be confirmed.

Approx 15:16
Khan Younis has been hit in last 5 minutes, targeting empty land. no casualties reported.
Four injuries in last 5 minutes  as Israeli airstrike kills at least one PA in Saftwawi St in Gaza City

Approx 15:15

Massive explosions are being heard in Gaza City.

Death toll has risen to 93.

Approx 15:14

German Foreign minister just arrived to Israel to discuss a ceasefire

Egyptian source: Obama has given Morsi 24 hours to reach a truce.

Approx 15:00

Someone hire @harryfear immediately, get him a flak jacket & a decent coms set-up. #Gaza v @AsherWolf

Approx 14:59~
Gaza Murder Machine: Every second bomb – death a civilian:

Approx 14:53

Likud Member of Knesset Miri Regev on Channel Ten TV, just now: “I’m proud to be a fascist” via @DidiRemez

Approx 14:48


Approx 14:46

Things are calming down somewhat in regards to last few days, thank god. I’m somewhat re-energized after one hour break.

Approx 14:42

Two have been Martyred. 1 of those came back in pieces.

Approx 14:30


Approx 14:36

German Foreign minister is going to travel to the Middle East to try to secure a ceasefire. Harry’s commentary: Germans generally being a backer of Israel, this is interesting because Germany is first EU nation to come to the region and try to find a solution to situation.

Approx 14:31

Death toll now 95 in Gaza but there are injuries elsewhere across region.

Moroccan delegation in Gaza wants to set up a hospital in Gaza

Internet in West Gaza City is unstable.

Names and ages of killed people in the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza via @Palestinianism

Approx 14:30

@haryfear‘s #GazaUnderAttack debate on CrossTalk:

Approx 14:20
Turkish Prime minister Erdogan says Israel is committing terrorist acts in Israel

Approx 14:15
Four Palestinians have been killed in the past 15 minutes.
“HAMAS IS NOW STRONGER THAN WE HAVE EXPECTED”, Israeli Media said. “An official close to Netanhyahu tells news agency that Israel is ready for ground invasion but does prefer diplomatic solution.”
In last few moments, a car has been targeted in north Gaza strip.

Approx 14:14

Harry Fear commentary: “People know Hamas, Hamas is everywhere in Gaza. It is not in any way reasonable  for Gazan civilians to stay away from Hamas. Gaza trusts Hamas.”

Approx 14:10

Heavy shelling of various areas, including, but not limited to Sheja’iya and Al Zeitoun.

Israeli Media: Fatah and Hamas have joined forces against our country.

Islamic and Palestinian custom is to bury dead as quickly as possible. So Al Dalou children of Al Dalou massacre are being buried right now. Image: Via @DimaEleiwa

Raffah area has been targeted in last 45 minutes.

In last 35 minutes , Egypt delegation of Ministers and  Academics have visited site of the Al Dealoul family massacre

Approx 14:08

Elderly woman has been killed in airstrike in Beit Hamil

IDF says it was not a mistake-  “An IDF spokesperson of targeting of Delou family in Gaza was not mistaken, the attack was not accidental.” They’ve confirmed it was not accidental because this same building hosted Hamas officers. ISRAELI ARMY HAS SAID THAT AL DALOU MASSACRE WAS NOT A MISTAKE.

Approx 14:08

Hamas and Fatah have agreed to unite over Gaza Crisis. Harry analyzies  this is as a good news- context that these groups have not been united over the past months. So this is good for Palestinian people because as long as they are united, Palestinian people will be stronger.

Approx 14:06

China has weighed in calling for restraint

Approx 14:04
In west bank 120 Palestinians have been arrested as result of clashes breaking out there as result of protests.

Approx 12:00
Harry’s interview on Russia today:

Approx: 11:44
Condition in Gaza is now very serious for journalists. In the last 1 hour Israel has killed a journalist in car branded with a press logo. 2 more have been injured in an attack. Getting the truth out in Gaza is getting increasingly dangerous. Media towers have been hit. A cameraman has had an amputation. Israel admitted to targeting the building, citing they had intelligence to strike building. The situation is extremely serious. With less reporters, less people are getting crucial information and truth about Gaza.

Approx 11:24
An attack on a car with a press logo – Israel struck a car with press logo displayed – killing one journalist in last hour and critically injuring 2 others. 

Approx 11:00
92 GAZANS DEAD Nov 19, 2012

Aprox 11:00
17 people have been killed in the last 11 hours

Israeli Poll shows that 2/3 or 70% ppeople support a ground invasion of gaza

Death Toll Rises to 92

Approx 11:00 Harry’s commentary on Barack Obama’s statement:  OBAMA:  let’s understand the precipitating event was escalation of missiles and there is no country on earth that would take missiles w/out retaliating’…

Harry Fear: “OBAMA is basically saying he is supportive of Israel and supportive of killing Gaza civilians.”


Approx 10:00
36hr ultimatum: Israel has demanded to wipe out resistance capabliity for several years.

Approx 09:53
Gazan resistance groups have demanded 4 conditions regarding. A ceasefire1) end blockade 2) end land incurions 3) stop maritime harassment of gazan fishermen 4) stop targeted assasinations

Approx 09:52
This morning Israel has been interrupting Al Aqsa Voice Radio station – with psychological fear messages –

Approx 09:53
Harry spoke with some journalists who were targeted at media towerss and they appear to show sign of post stress disorder

Approx 09:51
Harry woken up by RT to do live appearance.

Approx 09:33
San’aa “I must go to school now, the blog will however remain live as long as it needs to. I’m leaving it in the very capable hands of my team. Keep reading and sharing. #AntiMSM ”

Approx 09:05
Drone missiles fired at civilians in Shaja’iya. Injuries repported.

Approx 08:35
Rouha Al Alam, 5, killed in Khan Younis whilst playing outside her home.

Approx 08:35
Two farmers targeted in an airstrike on Khan Younis. Omar and Ibrahim Al Astal. A man and his nephew. The child I’d reported go be critical.

Approx 07:58
Names of Deir Al Balah martyrs Tamer, Ameen and Salah Abu Basheer

Approx 07:51
Three martyrs reported from targeting of a civilian vehicle in Deir Al Balah.

Approx 07:45
Drones and F-16’s flying overhead.

Approx 07:43
Airstrike reported west of Deir AL Balah.

Approx 06:03
A huge explosion just hit the Al-Saria building. 2 injured, one baby girl, Rama El Shindi

Approx 05:02
Eastern Khan Younis is being hit

Approx 05:00
81 Martyrs, 700 injured

Approx 04:56
Southern part of the strip is being raided.

Approx 4:54
Another martyr from the Al Azzam family targeting, Sahar Abu Zahoor

Approx 4:39
Strikes in Sheja’iya have also hit a police station. Four injuries have arrived to Al Shifa Hospital from this area.

Approx 4:35
Three people reported lost from the Al Azzam family targeting. One old lady, one young child and one baby.

Approx 04:33
A family home was hit in Shaja’iya
Approx 04:32
2 F-16 rockets have hit Shaja’iya

Approx 04:30
Gaza City is being hit once again

Approx 04:23
Al Masri home is being targeted

Approx 04:07
Names of the Al Zeytoun Martyrs: Nesma Abu Zahoor 19, Mohammad Iyad Abu Zahoor 5, Ahed Qatata 38.
4o injured

Approx 04:02
Three killed, infant, female and male, in the Al Zeytoun area, 25 injured of which the three most critical injuries belong to children.

Approx 04:01
Two confirmed killed in Al Azzam family home targeting.  One a young man the other a child. Injuries still rising.

Approx 03:58
More injuries from the Al Zeitoun bombarment are arriving at Al Shifa Hospital. Another martyr confirmed from this attack

Approx 03:54
Al Azzam family home targeting resulted in the injuries of 15 children, 4 of which are critical.
Heavy strikes on Gaza City

Approx 03:51
The targeting of the al zeitoun area resulted in the injuries of 12 children

Approx 03:47
Azzam home in Al Zeitoun area was hit in the last strikes on Gaza City, Injuries have been reported.

Approx 03:44
More than 10 strikes hit Gaza City, from warships

Approx 03:39
West of Al Nuzeirat camp is being hit

Approx 03:38
Gaza city just experienced 7 strikes, and Gaza’s seaport has been shelled

Approx 03:36
Abu Zour Family home has been hit in Al Zeitoun, injuries reported.

Approx 03:31
Eastern Al Zeitoun area is experiencing strikes as is Rafah

Approx 03:28
North Gaza is once again experiencing strikes

Approx 03:09
Deir Al Balah navy station has been hit

Approx 03:04
Huge explosions in northern Gaza

Approx 03:01
Jalal Muammad Nasr, 7 years old, and Hussein Jalal Nasr have just been killed in Eastern Gaza.

Approx 02:58
Civilian homes in Rafah are being hit

Approx 02:54
South Khan Younis has been hit

Approx 02:41
Heavy circulation of warplanes in mid Gaza Strip

Approx 02:37
Home of Na’eem Al Gohl was hit in Tal Al Sultan, Rafah, he is a member of the Gazan interior security.

Approx 02:36
Southern Rafah, tunnel area was hit no casualties reported as of yet.

Approx 02:28
Intensive strikes on Rafah at the moment

Approx 02:22
4 injuries in Al Abbas, which is a police center

Approx 02:16
Another injury from Al Abbas area arrives at Al Shifa Hospital
Another explosion in Gaza City

Approx 02:13
Targetting of Al Abbas area resulted in the injury of one girl who just arrived at Al Shifa hospital

Approx 02:03
A horrific explosion in Gaza Cit, targeting Al Abbas area

Approx 00;57
15 of the Askhari family have been injured as a result of the shelling of their home.

Approx 00:54
A college campus was just hit in Beit Hanoun

Approx 00:48
Two injured in Rafah of which one is a child

Approx 00:47
Raja’i Husseins home was just raided

Approx 01:45
Al Zeitoun area is being raided

Approx 01:44
Relative of the Askhari family reported 10 injuries

Approx 01:43
Renewed airstrikes on Gaza City.

Approx 01:39
Four injuries reported due to the shelling of the Askhari family home.

Approx 01:29
Another airstrike on Sheikh Ridwan, One Huge explosion in Gaza City and Eastern Jabaliya has been hit.

Approx 01:27
The home of the Askari family in Tel Al Zatar had been repeatedly targeted. Injuries have been reported.

Approx 01:21
A mentally ill person was martyred is Shaja’iya.

Approx 01:09
Ahmad Abu hamad killed in North Gaza strikes.

Approx 01:08
Airstrikw in Shaja’iya

Approx 0:45
Northern Gaza is being hit by warships

Approx 00:43
Seif Sadel and Ahmad AL Agha we’re both killed in a car targeting.

Approx 00:42
Another martyr found in the AL Hashash family home. Is this another massacre!

Approx 00:40
Reports of bombing in south Gaza and west Khan Younis

Approx 00:39
Two martyrs in a car targeting in Rafah

Approx 00:20
Israeli soldier was stabbed im Hebron in retaliation to the murder of a young child earlier yesterday.

Approx 00:06
Three explosions were just heard in Gaza City.

Approx 00:01
San’aa “Ya rab, I wish we were not still blogging here and that the massacre in Gaza was over”

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