Live Blog3 #GazaUnderAttack

Continuous feed of updates from Gaza Sunday 18th November 2012.
All reports in Local Gaza Time, Latest reports at the top of the page.

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Approx 23:56
List of martyrs in Hashash family home in Rafah has risen to 3.
Approx 23:50
Muhamad Hashash’s home was targeted earlier today. The family house was bombarded and completely destroyed. A woman, 60 years old, Sabha Hashash was killed and more reports of injuries and martyrs are coming in.
Approx 23:46
Another two martyred in a targeted attack on a civilian car in Rafah.
Approx 23:36
Explosions heard in Al Nusairat.
Approx 23:33
22 explosions in less than five minutes.
Approx 23:33
Naval warships bombing Gaza City.
Approx 23:30
There is naval shelling in the Gaza seaport.
Airstrike reported in middle Gaza.
Approx 23:02
Airstrike reported in northern Gaza
Approx 22:40
Sheikh Zaid area in northern Gaza was stricken and there is now a total blackout.
Approx 22:39

The King of Jordan calls for ceasefire. It has been the deadliest day so far with 680 injuries.
Approx 23:35
Airstrikes targeting eastern Gaza including Al Shaja’iya, Gaza City and Al Zeitoun neighborhoods.
Approx 21:49
A house has just been hit by a drone missile in Khan Younis. F16s just attacked Khan Yonis 3-story house.

Approx 21:46
The other killed in the targeted strike in Tal Al Hawa is named,  Nabeel Ahmad Abu Amra.
Approx 21:44
One of the pair from the targeted strike in Tal Al Hawa has arrived at Al Shifa hospital and is martyred. His name is, Ahmed Abu Amra. The other has also been martyred. We are awaiting an update with his name.
Approx 21:41
Renewed airstrikes on Khan Younis.
Approx 21:25

71 killed including 25 children.
230 children injured among over 600 injured. – Justice?
Approx 21:22

The Tal Al Hawa area has been hit by a targeted strike on two men. Warplanes are hitting other parts of the Northern Gaza Strip.
Approx 21:06
Palestinian Resistance group downed another Helicopter in Beit Hanoun

Approx 21:02

Anonymous says: If Israel continues Operation Pillar of Cloud, they will continue to publish information on govt officials.

Approx 20:59
Hamas official says that Cairo ceasefire negotiations have failed.

Approx 20:43
Israeli fighter jets are attacking Al Burej Refugee Camp in middle Gaza.

Approx 19:27
As death toll rises 27 children and women are declared dead.
Anonymous has declared cyberwar on Israel.10’s of millions of hacking attacks have taken place.

Approx 19:19

Ahud Barak: A ground invasion may happen very soon. We’ve heard this communications many times. This is part of psychological warfare that is normal in such situations.
Strikes are hitting northern Gaza.
Approx 19:17

Anonymous has launched #opIsrael very rapidly. They have released in last ten minutes names of over 5,000 officials. This is quite extraordinary.
Approx 19:15
Everyone needs to do something direct to deal with their own responsibility. For British citizens, write to your MP ( See Harry Fears blog for “parliamentary shocker”. Demand action from your public governmental representatives.

Approx 19:09

Statement of Anonymous:
Greetings Citizens of the world,  This is Anonymous. It has come to our attention that the Israeli  government has ignored repeated warnings about the abuse of human  rights, shutting down the internet in Israel  and mistreating its own  citizens and those of its neighboring countries.  November 2012 will be a  month to remember for the Israeli defense  forces and internet security  forces. Israeli Gov. this is/will turn into a cyberwar.   Leaked document of 5000 Israeli Officials:
We are Anonymous We are Legion We will not forgive. We will not forget.
Israel, it is too late to expect us.  #OpIsrael #Anonymous
Find out more by following this link:
Approx 19:02
Unborn child was killed in Al Dalou massacre, fetus almost ready to be born was killed by shrapnel wound.
Approx 19:02
At least 50 “terrorist” targets have been struck today in Gaza, according to Israel.
Approx 19:01

Fajr5 rocket is being fired at Al Rakash is being fired on.
Approx 18:59
Death toll has now gone up to 69 according to 1 source with more people being killed in Meghazi Refugee camp.

Approx 18:58
Getting reports that at least 100 egyptians have just been allowed in from Raffah to Gaza

Approx 18:57
Now hearing that there have been at least 2 explosions in TelAviv
Also hearing that there are protests at Raffah border; egyptians wanting to act as human shields in Gaza. 18:57

Approx 18:53
Reuters confirms that explosions have been heard in Tel Aviv in the last 20 minutes. That correlates with threat by Al Qassam Brigade that they would retaliate for Al Dalou family massacre.

Approx 18:46

66 have been killed, including 24 children since the beginning of Israeli Operation on 14th November, sundown.

Approx 18:45
Images of injured Palestinian Children:

Approx 18:43

Central gaza city:  A friend of Harry Fear’s and everyone on his street has had to evacuate because their homes are being threatened.
Housan Houssein Abul Shauwash is the latest martyr.
Approx 18:41
Gaza City is being attacked.
Approx 1838
PA resistance has fired rockets and hit Ashkelom.

Approx 18:38

Obama: “Israel has every right to expect that it does not have missiles fired in it’s territory.  If it can be accomplished without ramping up, that is preferable.”
Approx 18:37

Atye Mubarak  is the most recently killed Palestinian in this Operation Pillar of Cloud.

Gaza civilian crossing Erez Crossing is having a change in status for foreigners going through.

Approx 18:36

2 trucks loads with 20 cruise missiles been transported through gates of Tel Aviv airport.
Approx 18:33

Gazan interior ministers home was hit directly. His name is Thati Hamad. Now we are getting report that it has been threatened or simply destroyed completely.
Approx 18:31

Statement from Anonymous will be twenty seconds long and it will appear in half an hour.
Approx 18:30
Southern Gaza is being bombarded by Israel.
Al Qassam Brigade is shelling Kibbutz Sofa with 10 projectiles.
Approx 18:29

50% of those killed in Gaza are either women or children, according to Minister of Health.
Approx 18:29
Al Qassam Brigade is saying that they shot down an Israeli helicopter and that it has evidence of this. A studio from which \harry Fear has been interviewed in, in Gaza has been hit twice, so that’s another media building being hit.
Approx 18:25
Gaza City is suffering airstrikes.
Approx 18:24
In the last 3 minutes Israel has killed Atleyay Mubarak, 54 year old man, in airstrike on Nuzairat Refugee Camp. Reminder that most who live in refugee camps are under 18 and rely on food stamps and aid.

Apache helicopter is returning to Israeli territory after being attacked by Palestinian resistance. It is being escorted by F16’s.
Approx 18:23
Eye witnesses: another Apache helicopter has been downed in Khan Younis (100% credibility)
Also heard that another helicopter has been shot down in northern Gaza.

Approx 18:22
Report that Israel is blocking some sort of communication in Gaza.

Approx 18:19

Update: Obama says it is preferable to avoid Israeli ground invasion.
Al Qassam Brigade has said to the  IDF    “Iron Dome would protect you no more” See Tweet
Approx 18:17

We’ve had reports that a F-16 was downed in ocean. Now in last 5 minutes getting reports that an Apache helicopter has been downed by Al Qassam Brigade.

Approx 18:16
Al Qassam Brigades have downed an Israeli helicopter in North of Gaza.
Receiving confirmed reports about this.

Approx 18:15
Anonymous hacker group have once again started attacking Israeli websites in symbolic retaliation for operation Pillar of Cloud. We’re getting a list with 100’s of sites
Approx 18:10
Also hearing that there are at least 5 injuries as a result of airstrikes on Sheja’iya which are arriving at hospitals.
Approx 18:08
In last 30 seconds: Israel is continuing air strikes across Gaza strip
Approx 18:06
More than 650 people have been wounded by Israel in five days.
Minister of Health calling it a massacre. 4 women dead, 4 children dead all under 5 from Al Dalou family.  There are direct calls from International community to make Israel stop targeting innocent people. Gaza strip is still under occupation,  Under international law, Gaza is still occupied. “We would like to live like other people are living”.
Approx 18:03
Al Qassam Brigade has been targeting Israeli entities as they enter Gaza and as well as naval ships with multiple projectiles.
Approx 18:01

At least 7 members of Abd ul Shihab family in Gaza strip have been injured.
Approx 17:58
At least 23 F-16’d are on their way to Gaza now.
Approx 17:56

Story about Qatari’s who were wearing GPS devices, or gave disguised devices to Palestinian people, is now given 70% credibility.
Approx 17:56
Middle Gaza being hit by war ships.
Approx 17:55
Israeli warships are firing at homes in northern Gaza area. Minister of Health in Gaza is due to hold a press conference shortly.
Approx 17:53
Low grade respectability rating, that when Qatari’s visited to deliver aid package commitment to Gaza strip it may be that Qatari’s were giving whereabouts of Palestinian resistance leaders to the  IDF.

Approx 17:52
Meghazi camp airstrike – 7 injuries have arrived in hospital. This Dalou family massacre is horrific and surely one of the most horrific episodes since the begining of Operation Pillar of Cloud. The Palestinians will not forget this massacre.

Approx 17:50
All of the transcribing team in tears and trembling. Ya Rab..

Approx 17:45
Father and son killed have been identified by Maan News agency  as 45 year old Hamad and his 15 year old son.

Approx 17:43
Number of dead is at least 70

Approx 17:41
F16’s in air as Israel is pounding Al Megazhi refugee camp. Reports of injuries coming in last few minutes. Things seem to be re-escalating. A direct hit on a water distribution truck. has killed a father and son in last five minutes. Father and son were burned to death. This coming in in last five minutes.
Harry Fear “This is horrific”

Approx 27:39
Al Dalou family death toll rises to 14. Name of the latest martyr is, Raneem Dalou.

Approx 17:37
Israel has killed the children of the Al-Daloul familt, at same time it is saying it targeted over 50 terrorist sites In Gaza strip. I see pictures of massacred children. Not terrorists.

Approx 17:32
The Al Dalou family massacre is akin to the Samouni family massacre which took place during Operation Cast Lead 2008-09

Approx 17:31
There are pictures coming through of the Al Dalou family massacre.
This is one of the most dangerous militaries in the world. A military with around 250 illegally aquired warheads.
Approx 17:28
Wissam Al Dalou aged 9, “Whenever I hear an airstrike I put my hands on my ears and feel so scared.”
Approx 17:27
Palestinian authority condemns IDF attacks on media areas in Gaza city, ” They target media that exposes the attacks of Israel on our people”
Approx 17:26
Message to IDF from Al Qassam Brigade: A massacre against Al Dalou family will not go unpunished.

Approx 17:23
No strikes, or reports of airstrikes, for 27 minutes.
Approx 17:22
Members of Dalou family: “Mohammad Dalou and his children Jamal, Yusuf, Ibrahim and his father Jamal Dalou
 Suhaila Dalou, Samah Dalou, Tahani Dalou, Amina Muzanar, and Abdula Muzanar”
Approx 17:18
IDF website has been taken down by hacker group #AnonymousApprox 17:15
The number of martyrs has increased to 66 since PoC operation began on sundown of November 14th. Among those killed by the IDF today are three women.
Approx 17:14
Palestinian resistance groups earlier promised to retaliate specifically for the Al Daloul families massacre, where children have been killed, including some who were burnt to death by the IDF strikes.
Approx 17:13
Israeli TV channels are reporting that IDF struck a home with two drone rockets; 1st was to terrorize and second was to kill.Approx 17:11

US has donated 300million USD today to develop it’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system.
33yr Mohamed Bakr killed in Yarmouk Street.

Approx 17:09
One of those media building Al Sharuk Tower  in Gaza is being totally destroyed.
43 year old is amongst those killed

Approx 17:07
Al Dalou family; another member has been killed.
Yarmouk street, Gaza: another palestinian killed. Number of dead and injured is rising. Number of civilians injured is rising. Number of individuals being targeted is rising.

Approx 17:05
Two were killed in North Gaza. Saheil Amidal, and a child named Momed Amidal
Al Sharuk Tower continues to be bombarded.

Approx 17:03
Fatah leader is on his way to Gaza, according to the PLO. Reminder that Pillar of Cloud  began on the 14th so it has taken him 4 days to leave.At least 65 Palestinians have been killed.

Approx 17:00
Seeing images of children who appeared to have been burned to death. Palestinians  are calling it “murder”.
Harry Fear” Unbelievable and resonating in my memory are statements from the weekend, of interviews in my film of documentary “Martyred in Gaza”, PA’s calling it a “MURDER”

Approx 16:57

Analysis: Israeli terrorists are called commanders. Arab commanders are called terrorists

Approx 14:56

Two killed in jabaliya arrived at al shifa hospital in peices – 16:55

Approx 16:55

Al Qassam Brigade – Message to the world. “For every Palestinian that is killed, rockets will continue to be fired into Israel.”
Al Qassam Brigade is shelling Afrqim area and that 4 settlers have been seriously injured.
Approx 16:52
One of those killed in the attack in Sheja’iya is called Sami Al Jaffir, 22 years old.
Approx 16:50
Death toll for Al Dalou family rises to 10.
Approx 16:46
Al Sharuk Tower, one of the main media buildings in Gaza City, Al Wehda Street,  is being bombarded.
Approx 16:44
In Jabalia, a civilian car was targeted three minutes ago and two civilians were killed.
Approx 16:41
East Gaza is currently being targeted by Israel.
5 of those killed in the Al Dalou family were children, according to the state of Israel this is collateral damage.

Approx 16:39
Samir al Hafir has been martyred in an attack on Sheja’iya and at least 12 women have been killed so far.
63 Palestinian martyrs so far.

Approx 16:34
Since the Operation began atleast 63 people have been killed.
Al Dalou family attack body count now up to 9, including Amina Matar Masunar of 83 years.

Approx 16:16
F16 missile targeted a house in Rafah and completely destroyed it, nearby houses are reportedly damaged.

Approx 16:11
Three kids reported dead in the Al-Dalou family airstrike. Their mother is still under the rubble.

Approx 16:07
It is being reported by various credible sources that Israel is targeting leaders of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Gaza

Approx 16:06
7-10 killed in strike on Al-Dalou, Nasr area

Approx 16:05
Air strikes reported in Al-Shaja’iya area.

Approx 16:00
A baby was found amongst the dead in the last few hours as a result of an Israeli airstrike: Ibrahim Mohammad al-Dalou.

Approx 15:58
Abdullah Al Muzanar, 19 years old, was killed by Israel today in al-Nasr in Gaza.

Approx 15:44
60 people were injured in Tulkarem during clashes between the army and the University students.

Approx 15:48
Israeli warplanes are targeting Gaza City as I type..

Approx 15:40
Palestinian Center for Human Rights strongly condemns the attacks on Journalists in Gaza.

Approx 15:08
Gazans: 55 killed; 590 injured – Confirmed

Approx 15:03
2 women and a  little girl killed in the Nasr area.

Approx 14:25
50 Egyptian activists entered Gaza via Rafah

Approx 14:26
Harry Fear’s Russia Today Interview:

Approx 13:41
Russia Today’s Studio in Gaza has been destroyed.

Approx 13:37
Israel PM says “military operation on Gaza is due to expand”

Approx 13:34
Britain says that the ground invasion would reduce international support for Israel via AFP .

Approx 13:28
F-16’s in the West of Gaza City

Approx 13:25
WHO requests $10million USD for medicines for Gaza.

Israeli agents are phoning Gazan media companies and threatening to flatten their buildings to the ground unless they evacuate them.

Approx 13:22
Interesting piece of information.. Approx 13:20
Israel has stricken Al-Shati Refugee Camp on the coast of  Gaza City, killing 2 Palestinians including a child and 8 others were injured.

Approx 13:17
20 Israeli aircrafts tried to find their missing plane in the sea lastnight,  west of Nuseirat. They did this under the  protection of  Apache helicopters. Approx 3am Gaza time.

Approx 13:13
4 children killed in Jabaliya this morning. Two of them were brothers.

Approx 13:11
According to the Al Qassam Brigade Israel admitted it lost an aircraft with 2 missing pilots

Approx 12:56
Sound bite from Harry Fears appearance on BBC Oxford Radio Station in his home town.

Approx 12:35
Israeli journalist Gideon Levy tells the  BBC that as bad as it is in Ashkelon it is 100 times worse in Gaza.

Approx 11:30
Fatalaties and casualties reported from the Beach camp which has just been stricken by Israeli warplanes.

Approx 11:14
There has bsen a huge Israeli airstrike I’m central Gaza in the last few minutes.

Approx 11:12
Death toll overnight has risen to 52. Injuries over 535.

Approx 10:58
Via Russia Today: At least 6 journalists injured in explosions in media offices. I would like to confirm that this is the area Harry is working from.

Approx 10:32
The area around Gaza hospital had been severely bombed

Approx 10:27
A child has been killed due to Israeli shelling if central Gaza. His name is Iyad Abu Kosa. His brother and another child were also injured.

Approx 1:40
Explosions rock Beit Lahiya, Gaza City and Jabaliya. Hader Al Zahar’s leg has been amputated following the attack on journalists. More airstrikes in Rafah.

Approx 1:39
Two children, Jumana 18 months old and Tamer Abu Sai’fan 3 years old were killed as a result of an attack on Gaza City.

Aapprox 1:36
2 Palestinians killed and 10 wounded in shelling of north Gaza.

Approx 01:13
Reporters are reported to be trapped on the 11th floor of Shawa tower following an air strike. AL Quds and AL Buruq radio stations have stopped broadcasting as a result of the recent targeted attacks.

Approx 01:10
3 journalists from AL Quds TV have been injured as a result of the attacks on journalists and media outlets.

Approx 01:01
Interview with Harry Fear on Russia Today:

Approx 00:56
Following the attacks on media outlets many radio stations and tv stations have stopped broadcasting.

Approx 00:54
Confirmed building name Al Shawa and Husari is the name of the building stacked with journalists present. A local radio station was also attacked.

Approx 00:44
Israel has attacked buildings with journalists present. The Hussein building was attacked and journalists are calling for medical help.

Approx 00:24
Explosions in Gaza city.

Approx 00:32
Everything is calm in Rafah at the moment.
Approx 00:30
Israel is pounding resistance center in Quraish Intalil Hawa.
Approx 00:28
AQ Brigades says that they shot F-16 over the ocean and that they didn’t recover any pilots. People at press conference are not very convinced about the video.
Approx 00:22
Saudi Arabia has refused to use it’s oil power to stop Israel from attacking Gaza.

Approx 00:17
Harry Fear “I have now just tweeted link to video by AQ Brigade where they say they shot down a drone. Now between all of us, we are going to work out if this is true or not.”
Here is the video:

Approx 00:14
Al Qassam Brigade spokesperson says that the leaders of Israel are the ones guilty of driving the people of Israel into bomb shelters because Israel initiated the Operation Pillar of Cloud and gave Hamas no choice but to fight back. They are no longer fighting just for Gaza, but also for Jerusalem and Palestine.

Approx 00:10
Al Qassam Brigade spokesperson says that they have successfully attacked at least one drone that fell into the sea.

Approx 00:09
Al Qassam Brigade are  saying that they shot down a war plane. They previsously called it an F16, but now we don’t know for sure what they shot down.
Approx 00:06
The Al Zeitoun area of Gaza is being pounded right now. 00:06 

Approx 00:04
Al Qassam Brigade “We’ve have hit sensitive spots in Israel, places that we’ve never hit before .The M75 was one surprise that was 100% locally made… the notion that Israel has successfully destroyed our rocket bases is simply propaganda and we are more than ready to face Israeli attack. We have a video about the targeted F16. We assure you that people of Al Qassam and Ressistance are fine and what Israel reports are propaganda and lies and that the Iron Dome is no longer useful against our rockets… We resisted for 22 days in 2008. This time we can resist longer. We call for the Arab world to support us. “If Israel will continue to attack, there will be more surprises.”

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