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Since Saturday 10th November Israel has launched an attack on Gaza. Hundreds have been injured and many martyred. Today the 16th of November 2012 I will begin to update you via this blog with upto date information. With the assistance of @HarryFear and his
sources in Gaza.

Approx 18:12 local time Gaza
Israeli bombs rock Rafah city in southern Gaza

Approx 18:20 local Time Gaza
Palestinian resistance group are trying to find the two pilots that were shot down earlier today.

Approx 18:27 local time Gaza
Israel will call for more IDF reserves increasing the chances of ground invasion

Approx 18:38 local time Gaza
Israeli bombs rock northern and northeast Gaza

Approx 18:39
Israeli TV asking Palestinian population to prepare for 7 day offensive.

Approx 18:41
Big Explosion West of Gaza City. One of the loudest explosions since Operation Pillar of Cloud begun.

Approx 18:53
In the last five minutes Israel have attacked a mosque in Northern Gaza.

Approx 18:56
There have been air strikes in the last five minutes in the area of  west Gaza near Harry’s position.

Approx 18:58
Unconfirmed reports that Israel is sending out messages to Israelis saying that there will be a seven day war.

Approx 18:59
Palestinian resistance have a DIY rocket named the M-75 with a range of 75KM. This is not a rocket that has been shipped in. It is a DIY rocket. M stands for Maqadma, a  Hamas founder who was assassinated by Isreal in 2003.

Approx 19:10
There have been over 300 injuries in 2 days. Hospitals are running out of fuel and medicines. Gazans view this as a massacre.

Approx 19:14
Hearing drones over head in West Gaza City. Rafah in Southern Gaza has been struck. Khan Younis was also struck in the last 10 minutes. Specifically a poultry farm.

Approx 19:17
Drones are being heard audibly for the first time in 3 hours. Tanks have entered west Bethlehem.
Abbas is trying diplomatic procedures. Abbas “nothing will stop us for the search of historical rights being realised. We are heading to UN on 29th November. Nothing will stop us.”
This is not necessarily backed by the Palestinian population the majority of whom want a 1 state solution.

Approx 19:20
Three air strikes have hit Rafah in the last two minutes.

Approx 19:22
Air strikes in East Khan Younis. 1 child has been injured in the last five minutes. 250 women, elderly and children have been injured since the beginning of the Operation Pillar of Cloud.

Approx 19:27
Injuries have been unattended in an East Gaza mosque which was attacked a short while ago. First Aid is not being delivered.

Approx 19:29
There has been serious situations occuring in Jerusalem. The British Consulate in Jerusalem have told Harry Fear that they can help him leave Gaza but have no serious assets in Gaza.

Approx 19:31
The Tunisian Foreign Minister, with aid and a delegation will be visiting Gaza tomorrow.

Approx 19:32
Airstrikes on a school in Beit Lahia and several other parts of the Gaza strip in the last minute.

Approx 19:34
Airstrikes in East Jabaliya area. No injuries reported as of yet.
BREAKING NEWS – Medical supplies are almost near exhaustion and completion. – Ministry of Health, Gaza

Approx 19:43
Iranian Foreign Minister to visit Gaza in the next few days.

Approx 19:45
Air raids all across the northern Gaza strip.

Aprrox 19:46
3 air raids on the North Gaza confirmed. They are being heard in west Gaza City.

Approx 19:50
Reports confirming no injuries in the latest air raids in Jabaliya, Beit Lahia and Rafah

Approx 19:52
Explosions being heard near West Gaza City.
Breaking News – Egypt has opened the Rafah border crossing on a 24/7 basis and the El Arish Hospital is being fully prepared to receive Palestinian casualties.

Approx 19:54
Tahrir Square – Active protests in Cairo against the attack on Gaza. Many chanting that they wish to go to Gaza to act as human shields.

Approx 19:58
The former intelligence building has been attacked. This building has been attacked systematically by the IDF over the past four years since it was first destroyed during operation Cast Lead.

Approx 20:01
Beit Lahia has been subject to airstrikes in the last two minutes and in North Gaza the Beach Camp is also being bombed. This area is home to Ismael Haniyeh, the democratically elected leader. The Al Safiyah building has also been bombed.
The AFP has stated that Banki moon will visit Gaza shortly.

Approx 20: 04
Zetioun and Shaja’iya are being struck by Israeli bombs currently. It has been confirmed that three Palestinians have been killed in the Meghazi camp, in middle Gaza in the last 5 minutes.

Approx 20:31
The names of the 3 killed in Meghazi Camp are Ahmad, Amjad and Ziyad Abu Jalala. They were brothers, one of them was a Al Qassam Brigade field commander.

Approx 20:33
The number of martyrs in Meghazi Camp has risen to 4. The name of the fourth killed is Hasan Salim Abu Hmeli.

Approx 20:35
The death toll has rise to 29. A list of those martyred follows:
1-Walid Abadlah, 2 years
2-Marwan Abu Al-Qumsan, 52
3- Ramai Hamamd
4- Khalid Abu Al-Naser
5- Habes mesbeh, 30
6-Wael Al-Ghalban
7- Hicham Al-Ghalban
8- Ahmad Al-Jaabari, 52, Hamas top military commander
9-Mohamamd Al-Hams
10- Ranan Arafat, 5
11-Essam Abu El-Mazzah, 20
12-Hani Al-Kaseeh, 18
13- Ahmad Al-Masharawi, 11 months old
14- Hiba Al-Masharwai, 19 “woman”
15- Mahmaoud Sawaween, 65
16- Ahmed Abu Jalala
17- Amjad Abu Jalala
18- Ziyad Abu Jalala
19- Hasan Salim Abu Hmeli

Approx 20:48
Hearing the sound of ambulances in West Gaza City.

Approx 20:53
Confirmed death of another Gazan named Younis Tafesh, age 55. He was reported dead by medics after fighting his injuries from am airstrike yesterday.

Approx 21:17
Israel have given the go ahead for land invasion.
In the last 40 minutes a four year old child was targeted in the Zeitoun area.
In the last 45 minutes a civilian vehicle was attacked in Rafah and the driver is suffering seriously.

Approx 21:20
Atleast two children killed in the Zeitoun area due to Israeli air strikes.

Approx 21:25
Israelis have started attacking the Beach Camp in North Gaza. Southern Gaza has been continuously bombarded over at least the past half an hour. The situation is extremely dangerous.

Approx 21:29
There are NOT tanks incurring into Gaza. 2 have been injured in a targeted attack on their motorcycle in Deir Al Balah. Over 300 injuries and atleast 30 deaths.

Approx 21:32
Only 5% of Palestinian resistance has been mobilized in the past few days. Despite this they have been very successful in their resistance efforts.

Approx 21:34
Atleast one confirmed death from the two targeted on their motorcycle in Deir al Balah, 27 year old Khalid Khalil Al Shaer was martyred in this attack.

Approx 21:36
Israeli airstikes have just targeted Khan Younis and the northern area of the Gaza strip in the last few minutes.

Approx 21:38
Explosions in West Gaza City, shockwaves are being felt. Drones are present also.

Approx 21:41
A mosque has been hit in the Shaja’iya area in Gaza. And Khan Younis is continuously being bombed.

Approx 21:43
A 4 year old has been killed in Khan Younis, his name is Walid Abadla.

Approx 21:45
Air strikes continue all over Gaza and injuries are bieng reported.

Approx 21:47
Two Israeli missiles have targeted the Palestinian Interior Ministry.

Approx 21:47
Update on the dead:
3 elderly
4 women
7 children
More than 30 dead,
Over 300 injured.

Approx 21:50
Yesterday the resistance took down two drones yesterday, today a F-16 was taken down and another drone was also nearly hit by resistance rockets.

Approx 21:59
Minutes away from Shifa hospital explosions take place. So where in Gaza is safe?

Approx 22:00
1 injured civilian and 1 injured police officer due to the attack on the interior ministry in the last 20 minutes.
Sheikh Ridwan area is bieng heavily raided as are south, east and west Gaza. Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque being targeted in Gaza city. Beach camp is still suffering huge explosions over the last 10 minutes.

Approx 22:03
Teli Hawa area is bieng attacked.
The number of children killed during this operation has risen to nine.
At least 96 women injuerd since the beginning of the operation.
Children, women, elderly people and civilians should not be targeted.

Approx 22:05
Real pictures of Real Gazans.. These are the innocent civilians being targeted and killed in this operation.

Approx 20:06
Over the course of Operation Pillar of Cloud the resistance have fired 700 rockets in reatliation to the Israeli attack of which 211 were fired today.

Approx 22:08
Atleast 6 air strikes next to the Ministry of Finance. The electricity company has reported an electricity outage in the Telil Hawa area. There have been 3 causalties in the Shaja’iya area.
The Interior Ministry has suffered a raid in the last half an hour in which a woman has been injured.
Al Shati Refugee Camp has suffered air strikes also over the last half an hour.
Sheikh Radwan has suffered airstrikes causing casualties of which 2 are serious.
Al Quds Hospital suffered damage as a result of an air strike.
Tel al Salam’s strikes have resulted in 5 people reaching Al Shifa hospital.

Approx 22:13
Injured children are arriving at Al Shifa Hospital.

Approx 22:14
Israeli civilians are protesting against the war on Gaza according to sources in Israel.

Approx 22:18
A paramedic has been injured at the strike at the Al Quds hospital in Telil Hawa in Gaza City.

Approx 22:21
Hamas has captured an Israeli hostage related to the F-16 downed earlier in the day. This news was heard in Gaza at 17:00 but was not reported due to the doubts surrounding its authenticity.

Approx 22:27
Israeli President Netanyahu is asking that 70-75,000 soldiers are activated for a ground war in Gaza
Ministry of Health in Gaza – Severe lack of medicines.

Approx 22:28
Telil Hawa has been struck again and Al khattab Mosque is still being targetted.
Sheikh Ridwan has also still been attacked. 5 different areas are under attack by Israel.
5 air strikes have happened in Rafah and 7 have taken place in Gaza City.

Approx 20:28
600 Israeli raids on Gaza since the Operation begun.
A massive Explosion in Gaza city in the last three minutes.

Approx 22:29
Tel Aviv citizens demanding the UN for a No-Fly zone over Gaza.

Approx 22:30
A witness has stated that Israeli bulldozers are getting closer to the eastern border.
Palestinian Detainees in Israeli jails are undertaking steps to condemn the attacks on Gaza.

Approx 22:32
The AFP is reporting that a Hamas commander has been killed in Gaza. Awaiting confirmation.

Approx 22:38
Hay Al Sabra area in Gaza being targeted heavily in the Gaza strip according to witnesses.

Approx 22:45
AFP- Visual imagery of two identification documents of two Israeli soldiers.

Approx 22:48
The Al Qassam Brigades do not expect a land invasion from Israel.

Approx 22:51
Another martyr Ramadan Ramadan died in surgery due to head injuries sustained in the targeted strikes on a motorcycle in Rafah this evening.  Misreport

Approx 22:54
It’s now being said 3 Israeli soldiers have been captured by Hamas.

Approx 23:00
North and West Gaza are experiencing air strikes.

Approx 23:09
An air strike has hit Beit Lahiya

Approx 23:13
Things are quiet in Rafah and Khan Younis. Two confirmed airstrikes in the North of Gaza, one of which targeted a motorcycle in Eastern Jabaliya and one injury has been confirmed.

Approx 23:17
Drones over Khan Younis.

Approx 23:20
Ahmad Abu Jalal a Hamas commander was killed in the last few years. This man was amongst the three brothers killed in Meghazi camp.

Approx 23:25
Israel has authorised the mobilisation of 75,000 Israeli soldies.

Approx 23:32
Drone attack on a motorcycle in Rafah.

Approx 23:35
F-16’s strike Jabaliya in northern Gaza

Approx 23:51
The Kadima political party in Israel has had their website hacked by a group which is supportive of the Palestinian cause.

Approx 23:54
Drones over Khan Younis which we are told is a normal occurrence however there is a strange calm in Rafah.
Huge explosions in the Al Zeitoun neighborhood.

Approx 23:57
Explosions in west of Khan Younis

Approx 23:59
Ayman Salim a member of the Palestinian resistance, 26, has been killed today in the Gaza Strip by an Israeli air strike.

The updates for the 17th November 2012 can be found @

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  1. US student journalist trying to put together a story. any help with sources will be greatly appreciated. please stay safe and thank you for the live updates.

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