Oh Falasteen…

Every tear,
From your mothers heart,
Breaks this stone,
I carry in my chest,
Every drop of blood,
Every decibel,
That resonates from the site of attack,
Tears away from this rock,
I wish I could bring you back,
I wish I could dry your mothers eyes,
Hold her hand,
Against a heart beating in my chest,
And tell her, I am here,
Wipe her tears,
Make her believe,
That you are fine..

I wish she never had to fear,
Every screech,
Every scream,
Soaring across the airwaves,
Penetrating her resolve,
Eating away at her until…
Until everything within her bleeds..
I wish her blood would not pour,
From her eyes,
That her pain ridden soul,
Would find peace..

Mother Falasteen,
Oh how I pray in your name,
How I wish to lift you from your suffering,
Liberate you from the tyrant,
That shackled your sweet, beautiful Gaza,
But I know you already set their souls free,
Oh Falasteen,
Gaza taught me to love,
He taught me strength and resolve,
Turned this heart of stone,
Into your daughter,
A daughter of your struggle,
But mother,
Today I bow my head in shame,
I was silent, I was not with you,
And they stole another soul,
Another child of yours,

Oh Falasteen..


One thought on “Oh Falasteen…

  1. You describe a morality that the West fails to understand. Their cold philosophical ethics–just war theory, the doctrine of double effect, and such–rationalizes away human intuitions about what is good and right. But the way you put it, so simply as a daughter’s love for her mother, makes it crystal clear the obligation that we all have to each and every child that killed under occupation.

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