Chalo Geh Saath? Will You Walk With Us?

Hath likneh par dil kartha hai,
Magar yeh haath likneh ke liyeh thayaar nahi,
Aur ab tum Srinagar ki galiyon meh,
Aur Baramulla ki saason meh basa hai,
Milon ki dooriyaan hai yehaan,
Magar ek lafs meh mita deh geh ham,
Mita deh geh yeh zulm, zaham aur dard,
Dooriyaan kaha hai, jab dillon ki darkan ek ho?
Jab insaaniath ki awaaz ek ho,
Jab mereh haathon ka likah yeh hath,
Tumhari udasi aur badari ka kissa ho.

Awaaz utaneh par dil kartha hai,
Magar yeh awaaz hawa ki thara kam rahi hai,
Aur ab tumhareh kaanoh meh meri awaaz kaha ponchee gee?
Meri awaaz koh hawa utah kar kab chaleh gi?
Kab in dooriyon koh mita kar,
Insaaf ki awaaz basa deh geh ham,
Tumhari har saas meh toh hamesha aman raha,
Vaaz utaneh par dil kartha hai,
Magar utaon meh kyun?

Tumhari har baath me meri awaaz chalti hai,
Har ansoon meh mera khoon behta hai..

Doh zameen meh baseh hoeh raasthe,
Doh zindagi seh likhee hooi kahania,
Ek ban kar yaha pesh hui,
Hath likh kar yaha seh awaaz utai,
Agar sun liyah, toh hamareh saath chalna,
Srinagar ki galiyon kon insaaf dilahna hai,
Baramulla ki saason meh aman basana hai..

Har maa ki aankh meh khushi,
Aur har bacheh ki haasi meh massomiyath,
Lautani hai ham neh,
Chalo geh saath?

I want to write a letter,
But these hands aren’t ready to write,
And now you’re in Srinagar,
Living in the breaths of Baramulla,
There’s miles of distance here,
But in one syllable, we’ll remove them,
We’ll remove the tyranny, the wounds and the pain,
Where is distance, when our hearts beat the same?
When the voice of humanity is one,
When this letter written by my hands,
Is the epilogue to your bravery and pain.

I want to raise my voice,
But this is trembling like the wind,
And today, how will my voice reach your ears?
When will the wind carry my words and walk?
When will it remove this distance,
And let the voice of justice live,
In your every breath, peace was always alive,
I want to raise my voice,
But why should I?

My voice walks in every word of yours,
And my blood flows in every tear you cry..

Two paths built on this earth,
Two stories written by life,
Became one and present here,
Wrote a letter and raised their voice,
If you hear it, then join us,
In the streets of Srinagar, we’ll bring justice to life,
In the breaths of Baramulla, we’ll bring peace..

We must return,
The happiness of every mothers eye,
And innocence of every childs laugh,
Will you walk with us?


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