Malala Yousufzai

This poem is dedicated to 14 year old Malala Yousufzai who is currently hospitalised after having bullet removal surgery following an attack by the Taliban in her home town of Mingora. Malala is a Childrens Peace Prize holder. Living in the Swat Valley, Pakistan, during the Taliban’s rule Malala began to blog for the BBC’s Urdu page using the pen name “Gul Makai”. She spoke of the injustices committed against her people, especially taking into account the lives of young girls and clearly highlighter her stance  against the Taliban’s policy of not providing education for girls. Malala continued her education and hoped to be a doctor.

Malala this is for you:

Malala today,
My pen refuses to write,
And as your sister I continue to weep,
Because your bravery,
Serves as a source of pride,
Your passion,
The justice in your words,
Stings my eyes,
Malala why?
Why did they penetrate your innocence?
With the evil they spread across this Earth,
Why is your childhood so deeply entrenched,
In your pain,
Why is your Swat crying today?
Why are the streets of your Mingora,
And the pavement of its sorrows,
Lined with your name?
Malala why are your words so heavy?
Why do they bring my heart to ground?
Why does your passion bring a pain,
That we cannot Ignore?

Malala it’s because in your passion,
In your cry,
Your prolonged struggle for relief,
Lies the secret of our pursuit,
Malala we are you.
Malala Yousufzai,
You gave us hope,
You held open a door,
To the future,
A door to your fathers heart,
Holding in your hands the key,
To your peoples peace.

Today, your are fighting for life,
Malala you have changed mine,
Today , as forever more,
You are I,
Those who caused your pain,
Will be enemies of mine,
Because across these lands,
These borders,
You will remain a sister of mine.

I will stand in your name,
I will fight by your side,
Malala Yousufzai,
You are stronger than I,
And in the hands of our Lord,
The heart of your spirit continues to beat,
The torch of your struggle continue to be.

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