There’s Something…

There’s something about the abyss,
Where nothing remains,
For there lies – everything,
In the shattered pieces of the past,
In every piece of broken glass,
Broken hearts,
Is reflected the sun of tomorrow,
The hope of a brighter day,
A light in the abyss,
That will find you, your way.

There’s something about the dark,
That yearns for the light,
For in the darkness,
Light radiates across the sky,
Across your world – and mine,
In darkness lies the unknown,
A candle that never grows old,
Because, my dear friend,
In darkness lies hope.

There’s something about the cloud,
Who makes you appreciate the rain,
Something in his mist,
That tears away the pain- resident in your heart,
And tainting your eyes,
For rain embodies the future,
Quenches the thirst of the earth,
Lets the seeds of tomorrow grow,
So you are never alone.

There’s something about loss,
That lights a fire – desire to win,
There’s something in its heart of hearts,
Shouting “You will rise from every fall”
But who am I to say these words?
I assure you, you know them all,
For in your darkest hour,
The abyss was your starting point,
The star in the dark always eased your mind,
The rain sheltered your heart and eased your pain,
Loss was all that remained,
But look where you’re standing today.

There’s something about your smile,
Something about your strength,
The fire in your eyes,
There’s something about your spirit,
That brought you here today,
That promised you, you’d rise,
Like a phoenix,
Magnificent and brave,
For in my humble eyes,
That’s how I envisage your face,



One thought on “There’s Something…

  1. Beautiful! You describe the human condition with really terrific metaphors. Indeed, we do need pain to be able to understand pleasure. It’s what me measure pleasure against. Humans will always struggle with this. But San’aa, you capture how the human spirit helps us overcome so beautifully in this poem.

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