Forever Intertwined

I want to tell you something,
That you don’t already know,
But truth be told,
You know it all,
You know that our children die,
You know that they rape our wives,
You know that you are the reason why,
But if that cannot open your eyes,
How will I?

I want to tell you something,
That will spark a reaction,
Something that will wake your soul,
But truth be told,
You like slumber so much,
That death hasn’t shaken you,
Pain doesn’t take its toll,
If that couldn’t shock you,
Tell me,
How will I?

I want to tell you something,
That will make you stand,
Shout with an anger,
That is ignited in your heart,
Tainted with a passion,
That runs right through your veins,
Because you know deep inside,
That silence will tear you apart,
But if this screaming child,
Torn apart by bullets,
Cannot wake you,
Tell me,
How will I?

I will because,
Intertwined in these  veins,
Underestimated by your spirit,
Is the voice of a child,
Oppressed through the words,
Uttered by tyrants,
Who failed to strike fear,
In her heart,
Because it resisted,
Always resisted.

In these words,
Is a voice I cannot call mine,
A voice that trembles,
With indignation and pride,
A voice that belongs,
To a child who died,
A woman tainted with rape,
A man imprisoned through hate,
In an empire of liars and thieves,
Who could never steal our faith or belief.

Here lies the voice of those,
Who will shake your core,
End your slumber,
By telling you a truth,
You never acknowledged before,

Tell me,
How will I fail to make you understand,
You are I,
I am you,
My blood is yours,
Your breath is mine,
Our lives are one,
Forever intertwined,
Unable to depart.

One thought on “Forever Intertwined

  1. It’s like you have been reading my thoughts. Just last night I was lamenting to Dahlia that I didn’t know how to reach people. I want to know the key to get into people’s minds and hearts and make them care for strangers. I don’t care about convincing them that this or that political theory is correct. It’s hard enough just to convince them to be kind, and if I knew how to do only that I would sleep better at night.

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