Untamed and Brave

I am not afraid,
To shout that I am on your side,
I am not afraid,
To declare my solidarity,
My love,
My wholehearted acceptance,
Of the brotherhood, the sisterhood,
The humanity we share.

I am not afraid,
To resist, or to bleed,
In fact,
I want to resist,
By your side,
On the forefronts of our struggle,
On the streets where you fight.
I wish that I could bleed,
Maybe that would show,
That we are the same,
For my blood,
Would be just as red as yours,
It would be just as worthy as yours,
And my blood might,
Draw the worlds eyes to yours.

I am not afraid,
Of your prisons,
Your threats or shows of might,
For our days are numbered,
Your downfall is written too,
This world is a prison,
Because I choose to believe,
Yet the pain you inflict,
I will fight to relieve,
Because the pain of my brothers,
Is a pain that is mine,
And the screams of my sisters,
Resonate, as their tears leave my eyes.

I am not afraid to say,
I am every child you killed,
Every man you murdered,
Every woman you mercilessly slaughtered,
With such removed,
Inhumane weapons,
Such well drawn plans,
Such well directed drones,
Such evil eyes,
Such stone cold hearts,
Your eyes will remain shut,
As they shoot arrows into our heart,
But we will not rest,
We will always resist.

Our cries are poison,
To the system which you built,
Our existence is a thorn on the path,
You wish that the masses would walk.

Silence me,
I will continue to scream,
Imprison my body,
My heart will still beat,
And my soul will be forever free,
What do I have to lose?

I am not afraid,
I am the spirit of the struggle,
I am untamed and brave.


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