Dear Tyrant

Little girl,
Why don’t you see the world as I do?
Why do you refuse to accept reality as it is?

I see the world only as it exists,
My reality is different to yours,
I’m not a pessimist,
Simply loyal to the blood,
And the beat of my heart,
The humanity we claim,
Will never allow us to be apart.

Little girl,
Why do you speak of apartheid,
What could that ever mean to you?
It means to me, inequality,
Injustice, terror and pain,
These words that I speak,
Break the silence you create,
They show us the names,
Of the men you tried to break,
But even in a prison,
Our souls are free to escape,
So dear tyrant,
Know that the walls of your fort,
Will fall,
They were built in vain.

Little girl,
How dare you utter the word genocide,
Do you not fear the powers that be?
The only power that I fear,
Is the wrath of my Lord,
For the silence that resonated from my tongue,
Will be presented before,
All those whose deaths our silence caused,
So to your ethnic cleansing and genocide,
I will never be blind,
And my thoughts will be forever free,
From my mind,
Asking for justice to be delivered for your crimes,
My words will serve to remind.

Little girl,
Why do you keep uttering lies?
Do you not see this is not your place nor is this the time?
I was told that truth is treason in the empire of lies,
And if I do not speak,
Tomorrow will not arrive,
Nor will we break free from your chains,
And I will not allow my people to be enslaved,
We will rise beyond the barriers your placed,
The truth will be free,
And we will taste peace,
As it seeps from the seams of the fort,
Which you built but within which you could never contain,
The spirit of the men who would only fight to win,
The spirit of the men who had won, before this battle begun.

Dear tyrant,
I grew under the cloud of oppression,
Your tyranny gave me strength,
Even today,
My world is far more beautiful than yours,
And I will never forget,
The hand that crushed my dreams,
Was the hand of your empire,
The land of the free..
The hand that choked my truth,
Was covered in my blood.
Dear tyrant,
I may be a little girl,
I will always be,
Far greater than you.

2 thoughts on “Dear Tyrant

  1. One of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever read. You speak the silent words of the Arabs to their tyrant leaders. Well-written ! :) Would you mind if I reblogged this ?

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