Oh Bahrain

Oh Bahrain,
The streets of your cities,
And your villages bleed tears,
Your wounds are my own,
Every chant for freedom,
Every dignified decibel,
Carries with it,
Our unified spirit,
For you will never be alone.

Oh Bahrain,
The silence will be broken,
The oppressor will fall,
The rust on his throne,
And the blood on his hands,
Will bear witness,
To every justice that is served,
From Manama to Aldiraz.

Oh Bahrain,
Through the worlds silence,
I am hearing your cries,
Through Al Khawaja’s hunger,
And Rajab’s imprisonment,
Your thirst for justice,
Resonated in the air,
Your call was answered,
For in my heart,
Your struggle is my own.

Oh Bahrain,
Though your streets,
Continue to weep,
Through your strength,
And your courage,
You continue to resist,
And your sister,
She hears you,
As you struggle to exist,
Your battle is mine,
They will answer,
For their crimes.

But until we reach that day,
Your chants for freedom will remain on my tongue,
And your names will remain in my mind,
Because by forgetting your struggle,
We would lay you down to die,
And for our crimes against you,
We owe you our lives.

Oh Bahrain, through the silence,
I am hearing your cry.

Through our silence we become complicit in the crimes committed against our brothers and sisters, so we must be silent no more. Our voices are a weapon against those in power and when men who become the fathers of the movements in their lands are imprisoned for tweeting; young men are loosing eyes as they are shot in the face for protesting for their rights; our sisters are imprisoned by tyrants for raising their voices for their people and our children are tear gassed in their classrooms, we have no reason to remain silent. Our resistance is almost as luxurious as our existence. Tell me please, how can we refuse them their lives?


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