Resonate in the Moment

If I could write a million words,
Not one would suffice,
If I could speak a million fables,
Not one would ring true,
If I could whisper with the wind,
It would never carry,
Never echo,
Always fail to reach the ears,
Which we seek to address,
Resonating in the moment,
Until nothing is left.

If I was an artist,
I could paint the walls,
Of your soul,
I could draw the world,
On the palms of your hands,
So there was nothing,
You could claim you didn’t understand,
I would spread the colours,
Of your smile,
Across the oceans,
Over mountains,
Through the deserts,
And the storms,
I could carry your spirit,
To places it had never been before.

If I was not I,
Maybe these words would suffice,
And these eyes would be dry,
But when I ask you to smile,
I see your smile as mine,
Because it brings with it peace,
Allows me to believe,
That there is good,
In these words which I speak.


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