Ask Your Lord

Say I cannot fight,
I tell you I’m gonna win,
You say that I don’t live,
See that’s the thing,
You name the birds by their colours,
I hear the songs that they sing,
Praising the Lord,
Everyday as it begins,
Lord I need to fly,
When will you give me my wings?

I feel trapped,
The dust lines my lungs,
This prison isn’t a place,
For the brave or the young,
See the brave will be martyred,
The young will grow old,
And we will hear the stories,
That line the graves of the bold,
My Lord if you hear me,
Please send us a sign,
Because the oppressors will not rest,
Until my mother’s eyes have cried.

They say justice will not prevail,
But they cannot prophesize a lie,
They say that they will win,
They cannot see what I feel inside,
See I see us as we depart,
From the battlefield,
Hearts drenched in love,
For justice is divine,
It is given from above,
When our hearts are true,
Our battles will be won,
Lord will you give us strength,
To be those who we must become.

Our perception may be riddled,
With imperfection,
It may be stained with hatred,
But a tyrant will be a tyrant,
Through any human eye,
And a human will be human,
Though you dehumanise,
So this flag of justice,
Will always be raised,
Above my head,
And ahead of my step,
It’s path will be paved,
For I asked my Lord for wings,
And this is what he gave.

“And your Lord said, ‘Call on Me and I will answer you. .” (40:60)

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