Open Eyes

Behind closed eyes,
Another world exists,
Behind closed ears,
Another song is missed,
Behind a closed mind,
We do not exist,
Behind a closed book,
Is the inability to resist,
Torture in any form it displays,
To refuse to accept,
The error of your ways,
To insist you are right,
Though the fact’s disagree,
To succumb to a lie,
And create your own misery.

In my eyes it’s a crime,
An abuse of a right,
Others die to protect,
Yet you choose to neglect?
It’s an error in the process,
A blow to the heart,
When you choose to be blind,
Accepting the dark,
As your truth in the light of their hope,
Stealing their lives,
In the pursuit of your own.

A real heart is warm,
Refuses to cool,
Indentifies the true,
And educates the fool,
A real mind is aware,
Refuses to close,
Rectifies the wrong,
Chooses to be alone,
Even where it belongs,
Real eyes speak,
Volumes to me,
Real doors to the souls,
That many refuse to see,
A real hand acts,
Always strives to give,
Matches the heart,
That strives to forgive.

A real human blossoms,
In the darkest of nights,
With the harshest of rains,
Because the sun if a gift,
That relieves all its pain.

In front of open eyes,
Lie hope and dreams..


2 thoughts on “Open Eyes

  1. I think you have a very deep understanding of human psychology. People put up mental walls, they close their eyes, block their ears, and do whatever they need to do to protect themselves from inconvenient truths. I think psychologically it’s harder to be warm and open than it is to be cold and closed, and that’s why we see so much ugliness in the world.

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