Brave Hearts – القلوب الشجاعة

اليوم هو يوم الأسير الفلسطيني
في قلوبنا كل يوم هو لهم
في ذهني كل فكر هو لهم
ودموعي هي بالنسبة لهم

The sun and moon of our detainees may be different,
But our Lord is the same,
The world may be silent, but we know their names,
You may have orphaned our children,
But they are not in pain,
They fight along the path which their fathers paved.

The mental torture you inflict on their minds,
Is inflicted on mine,
The way you detain our children is a crime,
A violation of  international human rights,
I stand here and watch knowing,
That the silence of the world breeds consent,
But we are sure that justice will come,
It’s just a matter of time.

We are unafraid of the threats that they make,
We are unafraid of the prison cells they use to enslave,
We are not afraid of the blood stained hand of the oppressor,

الشجاعة هي التي رسمت في قلوبنا
الطغاة ترتجف في وجودنا

نحن أطفال فلسطين
ذروة نضالنا
جبل من قوة

They thought they imprisoned my father,
His soul is at home with us,
They thought they took away his life,
It is in the hands of my Lord,
They think that our struggle is over,
Our Intifada is brewing within the walls of their fort.

الانتفاضة تتهيا داخل اسوار حصنهم

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