World Autism Awareness Day 2012

Over two million people are touched daily by Autism and many people remain undiagnosed for large proportions of their lives as diagnosis is very difficult. 50% of children with Autism are not in schools which their parents feel are best from them and are not receiving the correct support. Autism affects both young and old people and today nearly two thirds of adults with Autism do not receive the support that they need.

The Autism spectrum is something I have been becoming more and more familiar with over the last year of my life through many different people and has become something that I hold very close to my heart.  Each child with autism has their own unique gift, some would call it a blessing and their gifts if supported correctly can help to shape their futures. The sad part is that many people with Autism do not receive the support that they need, the support which could easily change their lives and are left to suffer alone. We can’t afford to let this happen.

These words are dedicated to the beautiful souls suffering from autism because they are an eternal part of our struggle and have the most beautiful gifts to offer to the world. We as human beings are obliged to give them that chance.

Sometimes I wonder how the world,
Is reflected in  all the colours that you see,
You identify it’s beauty,
You show us things we may never have seen,
You always fill our worlds with reason to believe,
Dear child, you will always be, far greater than me.

I wonder sometimes,
About the things that you see,
I wonder about the colours,
That are painted in your dreams,
I wonder how the world would look,
If I was to gaze through your eyes,
Would I see the same beauty,
That your soul identifies?

Dear child,
Sometimes I wonder if we are yet to meet,
I know through you I will never taste defeat,
You paint the world with courage,
We will always cherish each word that you speak,
In the face of your strength we will remain weak.

I wonder about the visions,
You paint and things you must dream,
I understand your world is different to mine,
I know that you have much further to climb,
And that there is more that you need to explore,
But dear child we’ll build a world together,
My hand will always be yours,
You have my time, love and eternal support.

Around one in one thousand people in the UK suffer from Autism.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day, make your voice heard, promise to help a child suffering with autism today. Please take the first step. A little understanding goes a long way.

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