Sometimes I Wonder

I wonder if the battlefield will accept my cry,
I hope it will hold my tears in the palms of its hands,
And weep in my name, vowing never to stop,
I wonder if entrenched in my blood its people will rise,
I hope  they  will find hope through every sacrifice we make,
I hope that we can help to free every mind they enslaved.

Sometimes I wish that the colours of your soul,
Were painted across your face, in the brightest of ink,
I wish I could decipher the tongues in which you think,
Sometimes I feel pain as it runs across my mind,
As I fight against the worry, that you feel lonely inside,
I wonder if you are still the person reflected in my eyes,
Because I witness the painstaking tribulations that you fight.

I wonder if the heavens have accepted your name,
I pray that your house is built by the angels above,
And I weep in the hope that you are in the shade of our Lord,
I wonder what you saw in the depths of your mind,
I wish you’d shown me the visions that your bravery painted,
I know you gifted our people with the courage in your heart,
But I wonder if you can see the oceans of thought,
Inspired by your passion, Ignited by your struggle.

Sometimes I wish that I could put the voice of my soul into words,
I wonder how your eyes would react to what they heard,
Sometimes I wish that I would walk bare foot across the Earth,
I wonder what your eyes would claim was my worth,
Sometimes I wish that I could translate the tears that you cry,
I wonder how you resist the fear painted so clearly in your mind,
I wonder if you see the power of your presence, the clarity of your words,
Do you see the light within my heart that your presence brought?

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