Mere Dost- My Friend

Dukhi dilon seh asoon behthe gaye,
Tears flowed from hurting hearts,
Aur aankon seh khoon behtha gaya,
And our eyes bled blood,
Jab mera rooh jism chor gaya,
When my soul leaves my body,
Meri bathon kee avaaz sun lehna zara,
Listen for a while to my words,
Chaand jab sooraj koh chor gaya,
When the moon leaves the sun,
Mere dost mujkho bhulna na,
My friend, forget me not,
Jab is dukhee dil kee avaaz ay gee tujhe,
When this broken hearts voice no longer reaches you,
Meri man  kee avaaz sun lehna zara.
Listen to the voice of my mind.

Aghar ek din meri avaaz,
If one day my voice,
Tumeh na ponchee,
Doesn’t reach you,
Tu hava kee takreer, sun lehna,
Listen to the sermon of the wind,
Fir zaalim kee ankoh me dekhna zara,
Then look for a while into the eyes of the oppressor,
Mera naam us vakt bool dehna.
At that point, forget my name.

Maghar meri rooh ke arzoo tu bhool nahee sakta,
But you’ll be unable to forget the desires of my soul,
Tumhaare haath banehgeh,
Your hands will become,
Dukhee dilon ka sahara,
The strenght of broken hearts,
Tumhaaree ankhen banehgee,
Your eyes will become,
Hamare rooh ka darvasa…
The doors to our souls..

Aghar ek din meri baton ke yaad,
If one day the thought of my words,
Tumhare man me ayee,
Crosses your mind,
Meri kitaab se apna dil bhar dehna,
Fill your heart from my book,
Meri zindagi se apnee himath talaash kar lehna,
From my life, search for your strength,
Hamari azaadi peh aapnee jaan deh dehna,
Give your life for our freedom,
Aur zaroor ek din janath ke galiyaan,
And for sure one day in the streets of Paradise,
Meh ham millenge.
We will meet.

Mere dost hamari dosti kee bunyadein,
My friend, the foundations of our friendship,
Hai zakhamon seh baree,
Are ridden with wounds,
Maghar in zakhamon neh humeh,
But these wounds of ours,
Thakath dee..
Gave us strength…

Meri baathon ka noor,
The light of my words,
Meri thakath ka raaz,
The secret to my strength,
Hai yeh Allah ka thofah,
Is this gift from Allah,
Hai tum mere yaar.
It’s you my friend.

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