My Comrade

I feel the glare of your pain,
Deep within my heart,
Your anger burns within me,
They set fire to my veins,
Each capillary battling against the pain,
Refusing to let the fire go out,
Refusing to allow numbness to prevail,
Allowing hope to line the waves,
Of every ocean your heart may sail.

I feel the solitude you fight,
Deep within my soul,
Your melancholy drifts,
Within the waves of my breath,
Staining any glimpse of weakness,
With strength,
Allowing me to paint your sky,
With clouds lined with the courage,
You will need to fight on.

I feel the beats of your heart,
Skipping, dancing with the rain,
The blessings from our Lord,
Are so clear through your eyes,
Each time danger awaits outside your door,
You see within me  the need to do more,
You  sense the winds change,
Knowing that I will fight,
To keep the flame alive and nurture it’s light.

You feel the weight of my heart,
You hear each heavy beat,
My sadness echoes in your veins,
Gives you the strength to fight,
You catch every tear as it falls,
Hold each beautiful drop,
And see the world through my eyes,
You say the winds carry with them,
Messages of peace,
You say it’s the secret behind,
The  coolness of the breeze,

A warm embrace may lighten,
The shades of pain,
Sketched within your heart,
They may open the doors,
Allowing the pains of battles past,
To depart.

My comrade take my hand,
Our struggle is the same,
I will bear witness to your struggle,
Help to eradicate the pain,
Our strength will reach its height,
As we fight in each other’s  name.

2 thoughts on “My Comrade

  1. This fierce rhyme comes to me on the day I had a conversation about unity and standing together as citizens of the world. Thank you to my sister-friend-comrade!

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