For Khader Adnan

In life far too many of us accept the normality making it a rare occurrence for somebody to walk against the tide, fight; struggle against all odds and pay the greatest sacrifice. What Khader Adnan is doing today is something we should all be willing to do. If we aren’t then we are displaying symptoms of the greatest betrayal towards some of the most oppressed people in the world.

No matter what your cause may be, no matter what form of oppression you face we cannot deny that our road is a road of sacrifice and that our pain is collective. If your intentions are pure then this will remain the unspoken rule of conduct of our revolutionary role in this world.

This is for Khader, for all of us because we are one, forever the same.

Your stride demands justice,
From palms that perpetuate,
The eternal bloodshed of our people,
Your stance demands truth,
From souls that refuse to embrace,
The realities of war,
The idea that collateral damage is not damage,
It is human life, a person with the ability to breathe,
Your hunger gives our children the ability to dream.

Occupation, Apartheid, Genocide, Hate,
Through your love each and every word is tainted,
Stained with hope, an impurity in their eyes,
Painted with courage something they won’t identify,
You banish the idea of silence from our minds,
Your actions speak, far more eloquent than I,
I’m trembling as I write, with indignation; with guilt,
I pray you never give in, I never will,
Your actions filled my soul with fire,
It’s set my world alight.

My limbs feel limp, my actions aren’t anything,
Your struggle is saturated with love,
My words are yours, my battle cry belongs to you,
Your children are mine, I struggle for their laughter,
I take pain in their name because if we can’t change a thing,
Our seeds will suffer, we will weaken our walls,
Our fort will fall, the rain will wash it away,
But I wish to hear laughter to the sound of your name,
I wish for your life to be far greater than mine,
But as we are one, we will forever be the same.

You’ve awakened the world to the beauty,
Of your land, your struggle, your people,
You manifest their pain, the chaos and love,
My heartaches to the sound of your name,
I feel the birds as they silence the skies,
I know that it’s your tears staining our eyes,
You’re bravery will forever be a sign,
The greatest sacrifice you made,
This is the vision you helped our children to paint.

We are in unison as we wish,
That your life is spared,
That your blood is not spilt,
Today pride runs through our veins,
Though it is tainted with pain,

You battle on, and you aren’t battling in vain.

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