The Children of the Struggle

I was once the smile of my people,
I was once their pride,
I was once the one who told them,
They would rise…

I was once their hope,
The coolness of their eyes,
I was once the once who told them,
They had the strength to fight…

I was once their escape,
The one who drew their dreams,
I was once the one who they told,
Things would be okay…

Then the oppressors came,
I saw it in their eyes,
They knew how to breed hate,
They murdered brothers,
They destroyed our homes,
Forced us to witness rape,
Forced our mother to depart,
Made us want to escape..

I saw it in their eyes,
They were here to divide,
They wanted to destroy our spirit,
They wanted to take my life,
They’d murdered many before me,
I knew they’d murder many more,
But I was the daughter of a land,
I knew would never break,
I knew it would never bow before,
Any other than it’s Lord..

I may have had to run,
I may have sacrificed my life,
I may have left everything I knew,
So that I could fight,
I may have ran across borders,
You may have lost your pride,
But for whatever it is worth,
I am on your side,
I will always be your light.

They orphaned and enslaved us,
They forced us into crime,
They showed us no mercy,
Though this child’s eyes,
Were bleeding years of pain,
And now when we search our mind,
Our memories drive us insane,
Your hands  will always be responsible for our pain.

We are the children of the struggle,
Through your inaction we were born,
We were subdued to pain,
Whilst you remained ignorant, and unaware,
Now we can look you in the eyes,
Though you forcefully look away,
Because you are as sure as I,
That you were responsible for our pain.

We were once our parents pride,
Always our  mother’s hope,
We always made them smile,
We told them they were worth,
Every pain that we needed to endure,
And we’d endure in their name,
We’ll always speak the truth,
And one day we would rise..

We would paint the dreams,
Of the nations they destroyed,
We would always be,
The coolness of their eyes,
We’ll take away the tears,
We’ll  replace them with pride,
We’ll chase the oppressors from our lands,
Teach them that they had our blood,
Staining the palms of their hands..

You’ll hear our battle cry,
You’ll be with us as we rejoice,
In a land that is free,
A land where justice will prevail…

We are the children of your struggle,
And we will return home with love.

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