Key To Peace

Sometimes our eyes are open wide,
Yet our minds can deceive,
Sometimes our soul is aware,
Of the pain that we want to relieve,
In my heart I know,
It’s the only way I will ever taste peace.

I’m awaiting your presence,
I hope that you will be of them,
In whose presence evil is destroyed,
I hope you will command all that is just,
And for the sake of your sister,
I pray you know that you must,
Fight, you must never lay down your sword,
Until the battle is won,
And the flag of peace has been drawn,
I pray you are of us,
Your are strong, beautiful and brave,
I pray that you resemble everything,
From which you have been made.

Never worry about me,
I will always fight so you can be,
I will always raise your sword,
When I feel that you are weak,
And in this sisters heart,
You will forever read her words,
You will personify her struggle,
You will always be her world.

In war sometimes we lose,
Know I’m familiar with the taste of defeat,
But I will always give you the time,
For you to rise back to your feet,
Because I have faith in everything,
I see that you could be,
Your real beauty lies in your ability to dream,
So I pray you never lose your passion,
I pray your soul forever remains free.

I pray,
Through your love even the blind will learn to see,
Through your strength,
We will see all that could truly be,
Through your spirit,
I am sure that you will never leave,
And in my heart,
You will forever be,
A living part of me.

Promises must be fulfilled,
Know that you can count on me,
You may not be here,
But I’m glad that you thought of me,
In my heart you are alive,
I feel your presence as I breathe,
You will always bring us joy,

You will be my key to peace.

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