Your Burning Light

You seek peace every day,
With the rise of the sun,
You refuse to accept their reign,
You tell me that we will overcome,
You say their soldiers are weak,
Our resistance shows strength.

You show me the walls of Srinagar,
Though they are wounded they stand,
The pillars of your struggle,
The doors that show me our past,
You show me the palms of your hands,
Though they have hardened you are strong,
And I see the your soul, it’s beautiful,
So full of courage,
Your heart is still strong.

My sister showed me the ruins of Gaza,
She showed me the rubble,
The destruction from which the greatest men rise,
The blood soaked soil,
Where our martyrs bodies lie,
And in her eyes, I saw love,
I saw the greatest bravery I’d ever witnessed,
I saw my sister draw strength,
Tell her child that our Lord will suffice,
I heard her say that her challenge is life.

My brother is still human,
You fought to dehumanise him,
You fought to make me feel numb,
To all the crimes that you commit,
You told me that I was nothing like him,
But he is just like me,
He is struggling to nurture the light within,
His light is a roaring flame,
I see his desire to win,
He identified his struggle,
He knew how to begin,
So as he fights this battle, his sisters hand is his,
He will always have the courage to forgive,
But as you massacre his sisters,
You humiliate and rape,
He knows the wrath of his Lord,
Is something you will not escape.

They may penetrate their dignity,
But they will never steal her mind,
Because in her wisdom and her knowledge,
She always knew there were no lines
She always fought to resist,
Always fought to decline,
She knew that she must overcome,
And in her heart, her burning soul,
It never felt so at peace,
As when she stood on the frontline,
Lifted her loved one’s from their knees,
And told them they must fight,
They have much they must achieve,
The battle will not be won,
If they do not believe.

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