Our Battle cry

Sometimes I feel like a bird,
With all the strength you give me,
I feel brave enough to fly,
Sometimes I feel like an owl,
I see all that is around me,
They say that I am wise,
Sometimes I feel fragile,
A single raindrop in the air,
But as a raindrop,
If you shine rightly upon me,
I will create the greatest of art,
Art that will sink into the depths of your heart,
Show you that you and I,
We’re never too far apart.

I’ve tasted rock bottom,
Hit the ground face first and cried,
We all have a truth we struggle to deny,
I am aware that I am weak,
But I never see strength in me,
I see strength in our people,
I say that they paint it in me,
And as we rise together,
I see that the sun still rises each day,
So why should we choose,
To be any other way,
We will always rise too.

I know that you have tasted defeat,
I know it is behind the bravery you portray,
I know that behind your tears,
Every weakness is magnified by beauty,
Every flaw designed to draw strength,
You gracefully draw freedom,
In the hearts of the oppressed,
You light hope in their hearts,
It’s everything that you fight to manifest,
And they believe in your stance,
They hold onto your hand,
Because they heard your battle cry,
It reflected the pain in their eyes,
Your sincerity rang true,
Far beyond  the lies,
Your truth rang through their land,
Your voice brought tears to their eyes,
I pray that for them, you always choose to strive.

For our Soldier, Sabiha.

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