Believe, Your Battle is Mine

They say that tears make you weak,
They say that I shouldn’t tremble as I speak,
They say that nobody here is anything like me,
I know that my Lord made us to be unique.

As you draw divisions, I feel them within me,
Like you separated my heart from my lungs,
My body finds it hard to breathe,
You see we are one, you will never divide,
A heart with a beat which is rightfully mine.

See in my heart happiness is found,
Through removing your pain,
In my soul I know that there is nothing to gain,
You are not in debt to me, nor am I to you,
But I will always assist in all that you choose to do,
Because we are one, we are forever the same,
And I am in awe of how you handle your pain.

I feel the monsoon, it washes away,
Every last stain of blood from the battlefield,
It eases my wounds and my pain,
So if my pains will be eased,
Why would I choose not to be your shield?
See this life it’s not just about I,
These tears and this smile they are not just mine,
I know with my smile, my sister smiles too,
And every tear I cry, my brother cries with me too,
They truly know that I am no different to you,
And their spirits are with me in all that I do.

My tears, they will always be a show of strength,
These tremors in my soul they are the reason I was sent,
Because as I speak I feel what drives you insane,
My own words bring me to tears,
I feel as though I am facing your fears,
And as I aim to ease your burden,
I pray our Lord gives me the courage to fight,
Because there is a passion within me,
And I must nurture it’s light.
So when your eyes turn to look,
I pray it is never me who you see,
Because easing our people’s pain is the aim we must reach,
This battle is far greater  than we will ever live to be.

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