I Will Carry Your Torch

I see truth, you taught me it was justice and love,
I see lies, you taught me the truth would rise above,
I needed strength, you showed me it was something I could draw,
I painted a vision and I knew that my dream was yours.

My bro, so I guess that I would be your pride,
There’s nothing that I would ever choose to hide,
Your sis, so you will always show me the light,
Show me I have a right to all that I know is mine,
If I need a hand, then you will be my strength,
And if you need my help, my time won’t be misspent.

You say that love hurts, but that your hope lies in me,
You say that you will be proud of whatever I choose to be,
The tears I saw in your eyes as you first listened to me,
Told me that you didn’t only listen but that you were hearing me,
And I guess we all need ears to hear, and a heart to understand,
When we struggle to stand, we all need a helping hand,
You say that I am the light, that relieves the darkness within,
And I could explain your role, but where would I begin?
Amal, hope, bhaiya you returned it to my world,
Strength was restored within this little girl,
And everyday as I wake up to fight,
I pray that I can fill your world with light.

The burden you carry, bro that burden is mine,
And I always believed that your presence in my life, was a sign,
That without each other we are nothing, that we must unite,
And that when we are together victory will be insight,
I know you can see the horizon, I pray that you never lose sight,
And I pray we never lose the bond that we nurtured inside.

Bro you are our strength,
You showed us love and gave us hope,
When a sister struggled you showed us we would cope,
So though it may be dark, I will always be around,
And I pray you can always see this sister that you found,
You say she give you light, so I guess it won’t be hard,
And I promise that I will never be too far,
Cus my path was paved alongside the battle which you fought,
And we share a vision and my battle is yours,
If you need to rest, Hamza I will carry your torch.

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