Let The Dove Fly

Your battle runs across my mind,
As you fight to resist,
I am fighting too, to show them that you exist,
See I watch as your martyrs fall,
And I see you as you question the law,
I see the pain in your mothers eyes,
I know that deep inside she will never believe the lies,
They took away her heart, they tortured her son,
Little did they know that he saw heaven,
In the barrel of your gun,
He fought to show you that this is not just,
And he died its name because he knew that he must,
He sacrificed his life, he’s still his mothers pride,
But you don’t even know that he was ever alive.

He heard his sisters screams,
Her punishment was rape,
She threw a rock, and now she will never escape,
Inside her mind the images are vividly drawn,
She burnt the clothes that she’d worn,
But she feels the filth within her, the pain didn’t withdraw,
And she will always feel it eat away her core,
But her brother, she was his pride,
His eyes filled with tears that he could not hide,
So he vowed, that he would always fight,
And if he died, he said that she should never cry,
Because in her heart his spirit would forever be alive,
It would keep her strong, her gifts were yet to come,
And he was yet to finish the battle she’d begun.

Their father, he built their world,
Then the soldiers arrived,
He was a victim of their brutality,
It ended his life,
His son witnessed his father death,
And his son witnessed his,
How long will our people be victim to this?

I hope you hear this battle cry,
I hope it rings from the East and resonates in the West,
I hope that today you vow to do your best,
Because although you may not know our silence is consent,
I hope in my heart of hearts that is never what you meant,
Take these words, paint them across the sky,
Teach yourself the difference between the truth and the lies,
How far will a white dove fly,
Before they shoot it out the sky?
I pray there will be day when that dove will stay alive,
Until that day has come, it’s battle will be mine.

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