Your Tears Form In My Eyes As I Write,

I see strength, in the depths of your eyes,
And know that I am so proud of your bravery
As I learn all that runs through your mind,
Pure courage, and love that can never be denied,
Your tears form in my eyes as I write,
I told your pain would forever be mine.

Keep your head up, and don’t forget to fight,
If you feel you are in darkness, I will be your light,
See me as that candle that will never go out,
And my sister, know that I will always be around,
I know that it hurts, it may drive you insane,
But together we are stronger, we will battle through the pain,
There is no burden that you must carry on your own,
Your sister is here, you are never alone.

Take my hand, and please don’t ever be afraid,
Look at the beauty of the road that you’ve paved,
I know it took a lot and you felt the pain to your core,
But now you can take strength from me, my struggle is yours.

There will always be a day where we feel we must fall,
But we will rise together and you will stand tall,
There isn’t a mountain that we cannot move,
Nor is there a battle that we are going to lose,
These tears in my eyes are witness to your pain,
But the strength in your heart was never built up in vain,
You are courage, my sister you strong, your are brave,

Keep your strength up, don’t ever lose faith,
I take your name, every time that I pray,
Your are our brother’s angel, I could call you the same,
And I pray one day you can witness the pride,
That runs through my veins when I take your name,
Your tears form in these eyes as I write,
Hal, I tell you again, your pain will forever be mine.


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