Divide My Veins

My heart is embedded in the soil of Gaza
And my blood runs through my roots in Kashmir,
If you hurt my heart my being will cry,
Cut a vein and I will feel pain inside,
Because my roots run through, Iraq,
Not my bloodline, but through the pain in my heart,
Because our struggle is one, and our people are the same,
They fight for freedom, and give their lives in its name,
In Afghanistan, you cannot close your eyes to the plight,
The military arms of empire showed their might,
Crippled a country as it dared to fight back,
Imagine the image in a child’s mind as the snipers attack,
Would the image differ from Filasteen to Iraq?
Or is simple comprehension of these facts, something that we lack,
Because our children that bombs will be dropped on their homes,
They are afraid of the sound of your drones,
Yet they resist, they show us strength,
In their eyes we see passion and intent,
Is their pain not equal, are they not of us?
I know that I am them because we are the same, we are one.

Paint an uneven picture,
Divide our battles on the ground,
Pray that our people will go down without a sound,
But if our children portray strength,
You know that we will never taste defeat,
And you shudder as you feel strength in these words that I speak,
Our battle is one, you cannot divide our pain,
Because it is the same, it runs through our veins,
Anger ignites a fire that will never go out,
That’s why our people gather in masses and shout,
As they chant against your games,
They understand your plan,
And as they raise their fists,
Know our battle, pain and strength,
Run through their hands.


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