Dear Sister,

As I write these words across the page,
I know that tears will leave your eyes,
I pray they are tears I always have the strength to dry,
My dear sister, know it is okay to cry,
And that in you I see the brightest of lights,
Because the candle of hope, I see it’s flame within your eyes.

My dear sister, I understand your pain,
I understand that you wish there was nothing to gain,
I know you wish to lift your people from their knees,
I know that you wish for them to taste peace,
I see that you are strong but I know it is easy to fall,
I see you picture your people and know it’ll never be your call,
I know that deep inside it was never your fight,
I guess anybody could see in your eyes,
That you speak, for those whose names you’ll never know,
And I am sure they take pride in the care that you show,
Because in you they see light,
They always find hope,
And for the sake of your people I pray that you know,
There is little they value above the hope you create,
And they thank you for helping to pave them a way.

I know you understand that it’s a difficult road,
So my sister know that I will always be here,
You will never fight this alone,
And I pray that my words keep you strong,
Because as they attack, I know that we all feel weak,
And though we are few, I know that we will win,
So draw strength from me, and if we ever depart,
Know that a part of me lives on in your heart,
Because as we fought, we lost many, and we tasted defeat,
The bittersweet taste of passion intertwined with love,
Because together we felt a loss every time a soul was taken above,
So know that you are not alone, in our hearts we all feel despair,
But our spirits will remain forever by their sides,
That is something we share,
So my sister please remember,
Though we are few, we are destined to win.

For Dahlia, One of the strongest people I know, I hope that you found strength in this.


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