A Brothers Journey

As I set foot onto that blessed land,
I knew, within me I truly understood,
That our Lord, he willed for me to be here,
And I had nothing to fear,
Because the hearts of Gaza were full of love,
And I felt my sisters spirit near,
I knew that she would be with us,
My faith was in the prayers,
Of my family through Allah,
And my family through our blood.

The channels that carried my soul,
Carried within them hope and resolve,
Not just a lifeline or a light that grew old,
But a star in the darkness that would forever glow,
In their eyes I saw what I had never seen,
In its beauty I saw something that I had never seen,
Courage, love, resolve wrapped in fear,
But they knew of a better place though the end could be near,
They renewed our faith, our honour and our love,
They built within me a feeling I knew that I could trust,
Where instincts tell me to run, I knew they never could,
And when I was destined to leave, I knew I never would,
Because I embedded my soul in the love of it’s people,
In my eyes we will never be equal,
Why? Because they will always be far greater than I,
And I cannot explain what I saw within their eyes.

Amongst the martyrs my eyes told me to weep,
And my mind showed me an image of men, forever free,
Amongst the children I saw the future of the lands of Filasteen,
I knew that there was a lot they would go on to teach me,
The women, my sister she left an imprint on me,
By Allah she has become like family to me,
And when I began to wish that I could forever stay,
I knew that it was time that I began to pave my way.

My time said that I was destined to leave,
But my heart will reside within the memories,
Until I return, with my sister not in spirit but by my side,
So we can paint hope and love up in their skies,
And we will never leave, not until they no longer have to fight,
Because we left them with a vision,
That would forever be insight,
And my sister in Filasteen she would forever feel pride,
Like the pride I feel in her when I reach deep inside,
Because the time I spent with her, I will never forget,
And the symbol of the sand is something only they will get.

For now, we must remain strong,
Keep the battle in our hearts,
We must let the candle burn,
A flame that will never go out,
Like the love in this family we built,
And the victory we speak about.

I am sure the day that we meet again,
Will be in the land where I left my heart,
And when we are together I know our real struggle will start,
But we will be the hope, and together we will fight,
And as we struggle together,
There will be many more candles to light,
So don’t let the flame go out,
Build your strength within,
Because when we come together,
It is a battle we will win.

For my dear brother Ahmed, I pray I did justice to your journey,
My dear sister Doa’a your are our strength, don’t ever let that light go out,
And my dear brother Kapwon, your hearts burden is ours, please keep fighting.


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