Search for the Light

Every candle burns out, Never me,
Take what you can find,
And please don’t claim to remember me,
Bathe in the light, if that’s what you feel you need,
Take from its strength and stand up from your knees,
Because there is always beauty in light,
No matter what you seek to see,
Every shadow in the darkness,
Is sworn to secrecy,
So when there is no longer light,
Please return to seek for me.

I still have no idea of who I wish to be,
But I know I want to be somebody that you can trust,
Somewhere you can always find hope,
Even when your eyes are shut,
I want you to find resolve and know what is right,
I want to give you all the strength that you need to fight,
I want to be your shining star on the darkest of nights,
I want you to see that in my soul,
I am sure that things will be all right.

If your sky is full of clouds,
Know there is a silver lining within,
And if you learnt to trust,
You’ve overcome the barriers within,
So if you have been fighting a battle,
Know that I am sure you will not meet defeat,
Because we are together as you walk with me,
And together I am sure that we are destined to win.

Always look to me if you are searching for light,
And together we will search in the darkness of night,
Because through the hardest battles you will meet the greatest of strength,
And with time you will learn to understand what I had meant,
So grab my hand because I promise I will always be near,
Through the love we will destroy any traces of fear,
I will be the candle that isn’t afraid of the wind,
Because I fight in the name of all my brothers who you killed.


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