Never Depart

You may think it’s obscene,
But when I sit to write,
The first word that crosses my mind is peace, the villages of Kashmir,
And Peace in the streets of our beloved Filasteen,
And a Dream,
A dream of a day that our people are free,
A dream of a day that they are allowed to breathe,
In a life where they are able to be free.

Ask me why?
Because we are forever one, and their pain is mine,
And that is something you cannot erase with time,
No matter how hard you try,
Because my soul, my whole entire being,
Is tuned to be that way,
And I strive each day,
With hope that I can lighten their burden and ease the pain,
Because in my heart their names are engraved in ink,
And when I hear of death I feel that my blood has spilt,

Though I strive I know that it doesn’t amount to enough,
I know that these words will never suffice,
Nor will they remove the pain from your eyes,
But I feel that I must always reflect your pain,
With words full of hope, because this hope may be a door to love,
And when my body is buried and my soul is above,
You may have mercy on a heart that loved,
You may still find hope in my art,
And maybe through the love it planted in the depths of your heart,
The vision that I saw will never depart.

One thought on “Never Depart

  1. You are so right. Words never suffice, but sometimes words can compel us to action and can make us love and fill us with hope. That is the power of what you do San’aa.

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